What the people need is a way to make them smile

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany my journey to and through N’Awlins is from the Doobie Brothers celebrating music is what New Orleans does best. Even funerals in New Orleans are happy events since they celebrate the life that has gone. New Orleans isn’t called the Big Easy for nothing, if you’re on vacation (holiday) or going there to work it has a big beautiful history to it. Relax, kick off your shoes, pick up your grenade and beignets and let this visual and musical journey take you to the big easy. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but it is courtesy of YouTube and they have different rules for different countries.

Firstly, my thanks to British Airways cabin crew and flight deck staff who got me there and home again safely. The flight going was turbulent but that never phased me (my wife was green around the gills though). While in New Orleans I did a few tours I missed out on last year, took in a few sites I didn’t have time for in 2018 and soaked up the atmosphere. The R Bar (those of you familiar with NCIS New Orleans will know it as True Tone) was not what I expected. The windows were blacked out ready for Halloween and the interior was mobbed with people standing at the bar drinking and waiting to be served.

On the way there we passed the LaLaurie Mansion (standing empty although the owner was expected before Halloween(?)) and the front entrance has the following scene

The placard at the top reads chop shop and Delphine was run out of town when the gruesome remains of her slaves were found. No one is really sure where she went to as reports say she was seen in New York and Orleans and Paris in France.

No statements with the next few pictures from the Audobon Aquarium.

Upside down jelly fish
Can you spot both owls?
I couldn’t either

More to follow in another post after I have a bite to eat 🙂