Nothing I can do if I don’t get through

by davebarclay1954

No music video with this post, sorry if you feel left out but I have had a mare of a few days. Started the week off with listening to a Partly Political Broadcast on behalf of the Ruling Class read by the biggest scrounger of them all, Queen Elizabeth II. Sorry but they are not the Ruling Class, they only think they are. We have been sold out by every Tory Government since 1979, and Blair’s New Labour party forgot their Socialist roots when they swept to power in 1997.

Since 2010 what we used to take for granted would always be there (libraries, schools, hospitals and GP’s) have been eroded by cuts to spending, increased taxation of the working man (working and middle classes) while giving massive tax cuts to the tax avoiding classes. When Cameron said in 2010 “We are all in the same boat, we’re all in this together and all have to tighten our belts” He was of course NOT talking about the tax avoiders, tax scammers with their off shore accounts, or the Government. Again he CONned the British Public. During the campaign ahead of the Scottish Independence Referendum he told the Scottish people that a vote to remain within the UK would mean their currency was safe and would be accepted as legal tender throughout the UK. Another big fat lie, even here in Newcastle (very close to the Scottish Border) it is becoming increasingly difficult to find shops, buses or any one else who will accept a Scottish note without giving you a discount.

We really need to face the facts in the UK, a Tory Brexit deal is not going to come, the Prime Minister will not ask for an extension unless he attaches strings to it in order to ensure there is no extension. He will then crash the UK out with a no deal, renege on the already approved divorce bill, and splinter the UK since Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly in favour of remain. He has no back stop ready for Northern Ireland which will protect the Good Friday agreement (incidentally the DUP voted against this and also campaigned to leave so they will back him up). Ireland will then re-unite and Scotland will have another ally when they seek re-admission as an Independent country. Once Wales declares itself independent from England, BoJo will finally have what he and his supporters in the English Defence League have been seeking for years, an isolated, bankrupt England at the bottom of everyone’s go to list.

Of course, he is still claiming that the people decided in 2016 that they wanted to leave the EU, based on lies, half truths and not knowing what they were really voting for. No party (apart from Labour) is prepared to extend Article 50 (the divorce bill), call a General Election and then negotiate in good faith with the EU before putting this deal to the public so they can decide whether to accept as good a deal as we are likely to be given with Remain as the other option on the referendum. They realise that for a democracy to thrive there has to be a chance for the people to change their minds.

I know this post has denigrated into a political diatribe but Leavers lied, cheated and stole (defying UK and EU data protection laws in the process) to achieve their victory in 2016. If we could have a free and fair referendum then everyone would back the outcome, however, only bigotted idiots choose to ignore they won a slim majority after saying that slim a margin should be used as the basis of a second referendum during the campaigning. Then they wonder why there are so many Remainers shouting about cheating liars winning anything.