Don’t let me get me

by davebarclay1954

It’s strange isn’t it that employers today claim to be inclusive and non-discriminatory, until they come across someone like me. I am not like the normal employee where I will remain quiet in order to keep my job. If I see something wrong I report it, if nothing is done I become a whistleblower and then the smelly brown stuff hits the large whirly machine in the corner and I ended up being fired.

This is why whistleblowers are now protected under the law yet the tRump-ster still wants to know the identities of whistleblowers coming forward against him. With his history of sending Barr in to talk to anyone capable of bringing him down in order to tamper with their testimony or, in one case (Epstein) to kill them to shut them up, this should not come as a surprise that he wants to know so he can threaten them in order to prevent them telling the truth about his crimes. Crimes he openly tweets about, then realises they can have him removed from office so deletes them, problem is they are still out there.

On a lighter note since I don’t really want to get bogged down with American politics (not living in America I don’t understand why someone will vote for an independent candidate when the only winners have ever been either GOP or Democrat). Here in Britain at the moment we have a media trying desperately to convince people that the biggest threat today is Jeremy Corbyn, yet when he spoke in Gateshead yesterday there were 5,000 people who couldn’t get in to hear him. Does that sound like the enemy of the people? Of course not, I bet that no major newspaper, the BBC or ITV report on that tomorrow, and they haven’t reported on it at all today.

BoJo has, once again, been found guilty of providing public funds to his American girlfriend yet that will also go unreported. The wonders of propaganda, yet the Conservative Party here is still denying it is doing anything wrong. BoJo was also entrenched with a Romanian delegation last week before announcing that he was going to go to the EU and ask for an extension on 19 October unless they have agreed to his negotiation demands so it kind of looks as though the Romanians have agreed to veto this request (not sure if they can do this since the entire EU council have agreed unanimously to give an extension to Article 50, if requested.

Is this the last ditch attempt of someone desperate to hold onto power come what may? Only the die-hard Brexiteers will accept a no deal on the back of this collusion and tRumpery. It’s now come to light that a lot of those who voted to leave did so to “recreate the British Empire” I wonder how well Americans will be to be conquered (again) in the name of the British Monarch? Come to that Australians, Canadians, Indians and the Chinese in Hong Kong?