Can I play with madness?

by davebarclay1954

If you want to listen to the song (Iron Maiden) connected with this post’s heading then you can find it online. I am not embedding the track from YouTube because I’m not sure whether or not you share my penchant for all genres of music. Besides this post is going to be short and sweet.

I was reminded today of a poster I designed for my wall as a youngster in 1969, it simply read “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” In turn this reminded me of another poster (words no pictures hence the reason for putting it here) from the Council Office in Leven Council.

It had the heading Why Worry? and went on to say:

You only have two things to worry about:

Either you are well or you are ill.

If you are well you have nothing to worry about.

If you are ill you have two things to worry about:

Either you will recover or you will die.

If you recover you have nothing to worry about.

If you die you only have two things to worry about:

Either you will go to heaven or you will go to hell:

If you go to heaven you have nothing to worry about.

If you go to hell you will be too busy shaking hands with friends who went before you to worry.

So Why Worry?

Profound words indeed, of course, as an atheist I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, apart from us making them while we are still alive. I accept that I may well be wrong, however, until someone comes back and tells me that they do exist I will continue to believe that we live, not once, but as often as required until we can live a perfect life for the benefit of others. As soon as we do this then death is permanent.

In my honest opinion, since no one knows what happens following death, we can say whatever we like about the after death, no one can ever prove their theories and no one can disprove them either. Why then do we fight wars based purely on religion? One could be just as wrong as any other, or else they could all be right. Who knows? Who cares?

Here in the world today we have more pressing scenes than any one nation acting alone can change. Because of this, I can see no benefit to Brexit only disadvantages. A lot of people are with me on this, if we can try a universal approach rather than an individual approach we can move mountains. Alone we can work to correct the mistakes of the past for ourselves, together we can correct the mistakes and build a future for everyone.