The one I built my dreams upon

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the one and only Tina Turner, a woman who has been through the mill and remained standing after everything. She is an amazing woman and truly the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I watched Parliament with interest on Wednesday following the Supreme Court Judgement that the Prorogation was illegal and unconstitutional to see how long it would take for Johnson to apologise. I’m still waiting but he did lose again when asking for a recess next week for the Tory Conference. What will he do I wonder? Of course my attention was distracted when he was shouting down the lady MP who asked him to tone down his language in the house as it was being twisted into death threats against her and some of her colleagues. She pointed to the plaque honouring the memory of Jo Cox and Johnson told her it was “humbug” which isn’t a sweet rather a polite form of saying bollocks.

While this exchange was ongoing there was Michael Gove, unable to stand up without help, eyes glazed over and I immediately wondered what he had been smoking or taking to make him that way. One thing I can tell you it was not lack of sleep, he’d either been smoking heroin, snorting cocaine or snorting meth. Any of these will glaze your eyes over and make it almost impossible to walk and you definitely will not be able to stand up without help if you’re not moving.

So we have Johnson sounding every bit as maniacal as tRump, who is currently under the thumbscrews while the House of Representatives decides whether or not to Impeach, Gove who is partaking of what illegal substances and, sitting in the background pulling the strings there is Cummings who tells those MP’s receiving death threats that he will stop them being sent once they get Brexit Done. Since Jo Cox was heavily campaigning for Remain at the time of her death using her name to get a no deal Brexit through is decidedly unfriendly and if we go out without a deal then that will be illegal. Since Johnson, like his good friend across the pond, is no longer pretending he will obey the law I think he will go to jail around the same time as the American tRumpster.

I saw something today which made me smile, cruel I know but hey, it’s her own fault. A white woman was shouting about N*ggers getting killed by her if it was still legal for her to do so. That video went viral, and today someone posted her name and address as well as her company on the video. I feel it will only be a matter of time before she is out of a job and hounded out of her home. The thing with all these White Supremacists is that they are not just in the US, Australia and the UK have their share too. Someone was interviewed about a no deal Brexit in Bolton, Lancashire. They said they voted leave because they are fed up with all the Muslim immigrants coming from Africa and Asia over here. He doesn’t care about Europeans coming over here and working but he does object to Africans and Asians! That’s why Leave won, because of the red necks who didn’t know what the hell they were voting for.

If people were given a choice today, knowing what the total cost will be, in shortages, loss of jobs and increased immigration from countries in order to get a trade deal, would there still be a victory for leave? Since Farage is so eager to get over to the US I vote we have a whip round and pay his single fare (economy) to the US for tomorrow, how does everyone else feel about this?

I am trying to remain calm while writing this but it is not easy, because some people will probably accuse me of having my wires crossed, but it is difficult to understand why people get up in arms so much when I criticise Israel for the shocking way they treat Palestinians. If they didn’t bomb civilian targets (schools and hospitals are the biggest hit targets by Israeli bombs in Palestine) then would anyone object to their treatment and attempt to annex the West Bank.

I think that some people are so uptight that they will not criticise anyone (unless they are white) of doing anything against another person or group of people. In the last few days, there has been an upsurge in death threats to MP’s, members of the public and others openly criticising Brexit. The only person who is openly seeking to end the division in the country, seek to get the best deal possible before Brexit, and will then put this deal to the people, with Remain as an option on the referendum, is the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has refused to enter into an argument with Johnson or anyone else over anything. He is the one being vilified by the Main Stream Media and is not fighting back, quietly getting on with the job he is being paid to do.

We should really be lucky to have Jeremy Corbyn for a Prime Minister following the next General Election once the date of Brexit has been put back to January 31st 2020. Johnson and his puppet master don’t want to delay because the new tax laws come into force throughout Europe on 1st January 2020, meaning that they will all have to declare any funds they have in offshore bank accounts as well as shares held in these banks. That will mean they will all be taxed on their total income (at home and offshore) which will more than double their tax bills. Under a Labour Government they will have to pay their fair share of tax on all earnings as well so that is the real reason Johnson will not be asking for any extension to the Brexit date.

Small businesses who are taking advantage of the ads on British television telling them to get ready for the 31 October to call and ask for advice seem to be getting told move or go under. I know someone with a small business he has operated for several years and he employs 3 others, has been told that his best option is to move to France or else he will have to close the business down. When he asked if he could claim benefits for being out of work he was told that, since he is effectively self employed then he is not entitled to anything at all. This is a disgrace where the Government is recklessly threatening the livelihoods of small business owners and is refusing to compensate them for closing down.