Pardon me for laughing but the media in this country is a joke

by davebarclay1954

I live in the United Kingdom (at least for now) and as black as things were we had a good laugh at BoJo’s expense (again). As the Prime Minister he has had a second to none go so far, he is 0 for 7 in Parliament (the first PM to have such a terrible record). Then in the Scottish courts he was deemed to have lied to Queen Elizabeth II and he appealed to the Supreme Court where the case against his Prorogation of Parliament was also being looked into. Both cases were heard together and the Supreme Court decided that since Parliament had not been allowed to discuss the merits of Prorogation it was illegal, this upheld the Scottish Courts decision from a few weeks ago.

Today the press have spun things around and instead of asking for BoJo’s head on the block they are wanting Jeremy Corbyn to resign as Leader of the Opposition (I know he didn’t ask for Parliament to be prorogued as does everyone else apart from, so it seems, the mass media who are still coming in on the side of the 1%.) In other news, the Labour Party conference came to an end with everyone firmly behind Jeremy, his speeches hinted at how far he was prepared to go to counter the austerity brought in by the Tories against the 99% while giving tax concessions to the 1% for the last decade. He has told everyone that he will redress the balance by removing the charitable status of every Public School in the country. This will force them to pay tax on their fees and the 1% will no longer be able to claim their children’s schools fees as charitable donations with tax relief being given to them and the school.

Of course the 1% don’t like this because it means they will have to pay more tax in the future on their earnings and interest they receive from their overflowing offshore accounts. If they hadn’t been so greedy then the banks wouldn’t have needed bailing out in 2008 leading to the credit crunch and recession, of course BoJo is firmly on the side of the 1% and he will try and block a Corbyn led Government since they will negotiate a deal with the EU and then put this to the country for a final decision with Remain on the ballot as well as no deal or acceptance of the deal. BoJo hates this because he will not get Brexit done ahead of January when the new tax laws come in forcing him and his backers to declare every penny they have in offshore accounts and pay tax on them.

Brexit is no longer about the will of the people to get Brexit done and out of the way, it’s all about racing to get it done before the offshore accounts have to be declared for tax. The idiotic Brexiteers seem to be getting wise to this fact since there don’t seem to be as many tweets telling us to accept the result of the referendum and step aside. Although there are still some pressing for a no deal Brexit to get it done as soon as possible the bulk have asked BoJo to follow through on his promises from the referendum campaign where he said there would be a fantastic deal offered to us before we left. The country now knows that it will not be easy to get a deal from the EU, they will not accept a no deal Brexit either so it will be interesting to see what happens in the next referendum should Labour win the General Election with a majority in the Commons.

Of course it is much harder to predict a winner when you have more than 2 parties in Westminster, however, the Lib Dems may have shot themselves in the foot by offering to stand down in Marginal Seats in favour of Conservative opponents (who are now standing on a No Deal Brexit platform), the Lib Dems have been saying that if they get a majority (no chance of that happening) they would repeal Article 50 and get on with austerity since there is no magic money tree and the Deficit will have to be brought back under control! The only credible option for the United Kingdom seems to be a Corbyn led Labour Government which has the 1% running for the hatchets and shouting for his blood.

Following a No Deal Brexit, the major economists are predicting that there will be major disruptions at the ports, a hard border to separate Northern Ireland from the Republic and it will take decades to build the country up again from this disaster. Of course the other thing it will do is to split the United Kingdom back into the four individual countries which comprise it. Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to Remain in 2016 so there will be no doubt they will opt for independence and asking to rejoin the EU, in the case of Northern Ireland they will presumably join with the Republic and get in that way. Scotland’s First Minister has been canvassing hard throughout Europe and seems to feel confident that Scotland will be welcomed back. Wales have also given an indication that they will seek to have an independence referendum which will leave England alone and isolated with the other 3 countries all being back in the fold of Europe laughing all the way to the bank.

BoJo has gone on record to say he is funding the NHS more than any of his predecessors but hasn’t said that this money has come from the savage cuts over the last decade. He will sell off what is left of the NHS in order to do a trade deal with tRump before he is Impeached and imprisoned for treason against the American People.