Mother should I run for president

by davebarclay1954

Today’s post, in part inspired by the unlawful and criminal leaders of the Western World at the moment is also dedicated to my mother. She was born in either 1927 or 1928 and died in 1985. Everyday that goes by I think of the good times we had together, talking or walking, or even just sitting in silence watching the gogglebox. Music is from Pink Floyd’s double album The Wall and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but the album is universally available.

The American President and the Prime Ministers of Britain and Australia do not have the backing of everyone living within their boundaries. But their tales of wrong doing and criminality are known to the entire planet. I think it’s about time for people to remember and reconnect with their humanity and turf these criminal elements out to face prosecution and jail time for all their many crimes.

‘Nuff said! (In the immortal words of Mr Stan Lee). It’s times like these when there is adversity, division and hatred everywhere that mud slinging cheap shot narrow minded hypocrites are upstaged by humanitarians at every turn. John Lennon and George Harrison were the two biggest humanitarians on the planet during their lifetimes, they were also half of the biggest quartet ever to make music on this small insignificant planet in a corner of the galaxy called the Milky Way.

My mother (or mam as we kids called her) was a wise woman who knew that everyone of us is the same under the skin. When you cut any one of us our blood is red, in one shade or another (depending on whether we bleed out of an artery or a vein). Mam taught me to think, the Beatles taught me to think for myself and my mam encouraged this. When John Lennon said the Beatles were bigger than Christ, I got it. I knew what he was saying in his own inimitable way was that music concerts, Rock music in particular, attracted bigger crowds than any church at the time. In fact that is still true today, music concerts consistently draw bigger audiences than churches.

He was a feminist, an agitator, a protagonist and a pacifist who could fight when he had to (sometimes even when he didn’t have to). He was the man who split the Beatles up, he didn’t want the group to be managed by Lee Eastman (he admitted later that Allen Klein was a costly mistake) because of his relationship with Paul (John may have felt threatened). The thing is the group’s legacy is still ongoing to this day and without the input from all four of them they might well have fallen by the wayside. I don’t have to go into the ins and outs of the Beatles because their story is one that we all know, even those who weren’t around in the 1960’s.

My mam didn’t have a lot of education at school, at the time she grew up there was a war on and she was glad to do her bit to help out with the war effort (seeing as to how she would have been 11 or 12 when war broke out she would have almost certainly have finished school in another 2 or 3 years anyway). She never spoke much of her life during war time, neither did my dad but that’s a different story. Mam was always the one I went to when anything annoyed me, she would listen and offer advice, encouragement or say nothing but always did the right thing. When she was alive I used to ring her regularly, when I was living in London and Basingstoke, or go round to visit at least once a week.

None of this mattered as she died on a Wednesday afternoon from a heart attack when I was down in Basingstoke to pick my daughter up to spend her summer holidays with me in Scotland. My dad blamed me because I had told my mam that I was going to pick Sara up and wouldn’t be round to see her on that Wednesday, she was found slumped over her chair in the living room with the fire plug in her hand and the hoover upstairs where she had taken it before taking a turn for the worse. The hoover was at the top of the stairs and hadn’t been plugged in so obviously mam had taken it up but had not used it.

I know my dad needed someone to blame since he had been at work at the time and I had finished college a few weeks before. Being the eldest I was used to bearing the brunt of dad’s temper and feeling his wrath burning into my skin when he would take his belt to me (buckle end). He never seemed to have any issue with either of my brothers so I can only assume that it was down to me being the eldest. This time, however, when I rang from Basingstoke I spoke to Graham and he told me that dad was being interviewed by the Police as he had moved mam’s body when he found her. Before he had called the GP, I presume this was because he didn’t believe she was dead and wanted to make her comfortable. Only he knew what he was thinking and he has never said anything to anyone and now, with his dementia, I doubt he ever will.