Scent of magnolias sweet and fresh

by davebarclay1954

Today’s post is coming to you courtesy of BoJo and crew for giving us a strange few days after it was deemed that the Prorogation of Parliament in Westminster was against the law because he misrepresented the state of the UK to the Queen. Music is provided from that woman of substance Lady Day, with a damning indictment of life in the Southern USA after the Civil War.

From the introduction you could be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be all about Brexit and how they lied and cheated the British Public to give the rich victory. The truth is that, I may mention this in passing but it will not make up the bulk of this post today.

If you can help someone who is in pain (mental pain not the physical pain which people can see) would you? I noticed that there are an awful lot of ads these days (at least in the UK) of children suffering illness and disease causing a lot of health issues which have been eradicated here in the (supposedly) affluent West. At home, however, we have a lot of people who have mental illnesses therefore they look as though they are fit and healthy from the outside. Mental illness is much more dangerous than the Governments since 1979 would have you believe.

If someone with a broken leg is not given treatment their leg will still heal, however, someone with a mental illness won’t heal if they aren’t given help, their illness will grind them down day by day until they finally can only see one way out. That usually means they will take their own life eventually. Without easy access to a gun they will kill themselves, however, in the USA where almost anyone can get a gun, either legally by passing the vetting or illegally by borrowing it from a friend or buying it at a swap meet. This means that someone who feels cheated and suicidal in the USA can take their gun and go on a killing spree before either taking their own life or by committing suicide by cop.

This should be alarming those responsible for making the laws and getting them passed. However, in the USA there has been legislation waiting at the Senate door to be signed off by Moscow Mitch McConnell. He is sitting on this to force it to be time constrained so that the legislature doesn’t have to lose their right to buy and carry weapons of mass killing. With increased magazines allowing them to kill hundreds at a time. In the UK we used to have hospitals dealing with the mentally ill, however, rather than making them fit for purpose the Tory Government of the day closed them down and put all the mentally ill back on the streets to be cared for by their community. No training, no skills, no back up.

Which is the worst and most dangerous option? Selling or giving automatic weapons to mentally ill people just because they can act sane in the time it takes to hand their forms in? Or putting the criminally insane back into neighbourhoods and telling that community that they are responsible for looking after them. The Labour Government has funded help for the mentally ill and criminally insane, which has been eroded since 2010 to the state of affairs we are at today. If you do not have any physical symptoms then you are treated as fraudulently claiming benefits.

Of course, with austerity and it’s ongoing restrictions on state spending the poorest in our society have been shunned and vilified by the Government. However, those responsible for the mess (the wealthy bankers and hedge fund operators) escaped scott free. Since 2010 the wealthy have not been subjected to the same austerity measures as everyone else since they have been amassing ever greater wealth by gambling on the stock exchange and have now gambled billions on a no deal Brexit because they know BoJo has not spoken to the EU about changing the deal given to his predecessor. He repeats as often as he can get his face on tv that negotiations are ongoing, we all know this is a lie. He is not interested in obtaining a deal because that would mean the changes to tax laws would become law in the UK on 1st January 2020. His backers, those pulling the strings of his Premiership, including Dominic Cummings; don’t want a deal they are furious that there is a chance that no deal will be removed from the table with forcing it through seen as treasonous and against the law.

This is the real reason Parliament has been Prorogued now so that time will run out before 31st October 2019. Anyway, that is our issue for living in England since Scotland voted overwhelmingly to Remain within the EU and will leave the United Kingdom as soon as they can following this disastrous No Deal which the Prime Minister is so willingly pushing down our throats.

If people of colour cannot get justice because it is racist, what chance does anyone wanting to make a better life for their children have in the USA? Do we really have a fairer Justice system here in the UK when those in power can break the law openly and get away with it? Justice is now being sold to the highest bidder and tRump has his sights set on Scotland which (it appears to those reading the signs) is now on the table following the riots from a disastrous no deal exit from Europe.

It’s about time to wake up, people, if we unite and stand together we can change politics for the better. We can make a difference if we are all united. Divided we will fall, which is why those in power want to find scapegoats to blame for THEIR failings. Divide and conquer is the current situation, however, once they have removed all those who are the subjects of such hatred what then? They will come for others, all it takes for evil to flourish and thrive is for good men to do nothing. It is time now to make a stand and deliver the wealthy to face the music they are so desperately trying to avoid. Time and together we can do it, we can force them to pay their fair share of taxation so that the remainder can afford to collect their justice from this one small step.