On this day… 18 years ago a cataclysmic shift happened in America

by davebarclay1954

No music again since this post is about the tragic events which occurred today (at 9a.m. EST in the USA, 2p.m. in the UK) 18 years ago. Let’s never forget that this was an act of terrorism which left us all reeling but didn’t achieve what it set out to: bring down the economies of the West.

I wonder what would have happened to the planet if those atrocities of 18 years ago had never happened. Would we have had the recession of 2008 (now known as the Credit Crunch)? Would elections have been hijacked by hackers targeting (illegally) data giving tRump victory and Brexit a green light in 2016? Or would we have been targetted without realising what was happening and therefore tRump and Brexit going ahead without anyone telling us that they were hacked by Russian money?

Make no mistake, things happen with consequences. A butterfly flaps its wings in a forest in Malaysia and a tree falls in Hungary. Okay maybe they are not connected as in one follows directly from the other but they don’t happen together. There is still a lot we don’t understand in the natural world around us but don’t we owe it to life on this planet to find out what effects our actions will have?

I think it’s a travesty that our Prime Minister and the American President will uphold laws, as long as they don’t affect them and the other wealthy people in their respective countries, however, when it suits them they will both break the law to get what they want? They both behave like spoilt children when they don’t get their own way, tRump closed down Government for weeks (the longest in living memory) and BoJo closes down Parliament because he doesn’t agree with the law requiring him to go to Brussels and beg for an extension to Brexit so he can have a General Election.

Do this people not realise how little respect they, either of them, have left in their respective countries? Britain is ready for a change, America is heading back to the polls next year and tRump has already been told that in at least one State (CA) he cannot stand for election unless he releases his tax returns for the last 10 years (if that time frame isn’t right it should be). BoJo meanwhile is refusing to do what the law requires him to do, he has lost his first 7 votes in Parliament and the courts and could be facing jail time all the while doing exactly as Dominic Cummings has ordered him to do. Will Cummings face jail time? No, because he has not broken the law since the Prime Minister is the one who has been tasked with asking for an extension for Brexit.

All this to protect the status quo and keep the 1%’ers happy by killing off the poor. As long as they don’t have to declare any offshore money they have (the law is changing in January 2020 so they want to leave the EU before then without any deal so they avoid having to comply). Let’s not kid ourselves that this is the will of the people: It isn’t, it’s the will of the 1%. A Scottish court set out the reasons why the Prorogation of Parliament this week was a crime, BoJo has stated he will not reopen Parliament since the High Court in London ruled in favour of Prorogation (it didn’t). The High Court passed the decision over to the Supreme Court for a decision which is expected soon and is likely to agree with the Scottish court that BoJo lied to HM the Queen just to get his prorogation passed.

If our leaders have a blatant disregard for the rule of law why don’t we just do away with all our laws and have complete anarchy both here in the UK and in America?