And now for something different… It’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus

by davebarclay1954

No music to accompany this post, but that’s because I decided to get back in the saddle and since there was no music with my last post I have decided not to put one here so the words can stand or fall on this own.

My good friend died on August 31, at lunch time. It hit me hard even though it was expected (not the date and time but the death) anyway, I came back on here yesterday to find so many messages of support when I was finally coming to terms with no funeral and beginning to remember the good times Lyn and I had spent in each others company. We used to spend hours talking at work (she worked in the typing pool (if you can remember what they were) and my boss would ask me to take some documents down to be typed up and we would talk while she was typing).

We spent almost every dinner time together in Edinburgh, going through the market stalls near Waverly Station or walking down the Royal Mile towards the Castle. On a few occasions (when I bought a new album) she would come round to mine, we would listen to the music and then go and grab a bite to eat at one of the pubs or cafes near me in Dean Village. She would often stay the night after wards but always slept alone in the bed as I would curl up on the floor. I never wanted to sleep with her as I didn’t want to spoil our friendship. I knew with someone like Lyn I didn’t have to play games and that if I asked her to she would have jumped into bed with me but that was never my intention with her as she was becoming a good friend who was going to be leaving for the bright lights of the big city within a few months of us starting to do things together so I thought if we kept in touch then it might happen when she returned to Scotland.

Unfortunately, I got a girl pregnant a few months after she moved down to London and ended up getting married so I stopped writing to her. In 2000 I found her again through Friends Reunited (remember that site?) and we started catching up again. I was always very happy to hear from her and when she lost her tongue to cancer I wondered how we would communicate other than by email or text, she found an app to allow her to type words and then these would be read by the app and relayed to the other person she was talking to. If we could continue catching up after all that then maybe we should meet up sometime.

This year, for the first time since 1973 I called in to see her at home while on my way through to visit family 9 miles away from her. She remembered me and I her and it was as if the intervening years hadn’t happened. She was drugged up to the eyeballs because her pain was so bad but we still had an enjoyable few hours in each others company, I introduced her to my wife (she was kindly taking me up to Scotland) and met her sister Rita and partner Jay that day. Jay was weird, partially sighted so everything had to be up close and personal with him or he missed it.

The next time we went to visit her she wasn’t quite as drugged up as it was a better day for her and she hadn’t had so many pain killers. We stayed there longer the second time and left when we could check into the hotel just ahead of Jay getting there, he was running late that day. Lyn was much more talkative and we had connected back as if we were in our teens again which was amazing. The passage of time had never stopped us from being friends and I’m so sad that I will never get to meet up with her again (I believe that when we die we are either reborn to correct mistakes we have made or else move onto the spiritual plane if we have learned all our lessons and made no mistakes).

Anyway, I just wanted to say a huge and hearfelt thank you to everyone on here who has been supportive of me and gave me hope for the future. Also to everyone who didn’t have anything nice to say to me so they said nothing at all.

I couldn’t leave without posting on here that BoJo the clown can’t even keep his cabinet together since Amber Rudd has announce she is leaving the Tory Party because of his lies and double dealing. That means he now has an even further reduced minority Government and he is still adamant he will break the law and force us out without a deal because that is what his puppet masters want him to do.