What a wonderful world this could be!

by davebarclay1954

Today, I am beginning to look forward to travelling on the Harry Potter train next Monday (an English bank holiday). Like the majority of people on the planet I loved the stories of the boy wizard from his humble beginnings in the cupboard under the stairs. Expectantly waiting for the books to arrive after pre-ordering each and every one of them. Waiting expectantly for the films at the cinema and then waiting again to get them on dvd.

That’s why I’m looking forward with joy to the journey to Fort William, going up on Sunday and staying for 2 nights before heading home again. Tickets are booked for Monday afternoon from Fort William to Mallaig and return, with afternoon tea included. I am really wondering if the trip will be done in sunlight, or if there will be rain, however, no matter the weather the train is the main event of our trip.

I have been looking at videos posted by the Brexiteers who still haven’t learned that had Remain won using the illegal practices Leave used the referendum would have been overturned. These people are threatening violence if a no deal is not implemented when the only people who will benefit from this are the very wealthy and foreign landowners who have been taking advantage of the weak pound to buy up properties all over the UK.

We have to end the violence in this country and the USA by the Ultra-Right Wings, these fascists and Nazis don’t care about the rule of law, in the US their POTUS backs them with promises of a pardon if they are convicted. In the UK there are insufficient police left to keep order and the ones that there are often come under attack themselves. Listening to the rhetoric from the White House and 10 Downing Street it is obvious that the domestic terrorists in both countries are being egged on by those in power.

If you read the news there are attacks almost daily with guns in the US, white supremacist organisations (such as the Good Boys) are avoiding being declared as domestic terrorist organisations but that is exactly what they are. The same is true here, except our domestic terrorists are the Brexiteers, they are inciting violence against everyone who wants a deal or else to remain within the EU because their lies have now been proven without a shadow of doubt to be lies.

People are being stabbed using a variety of knives, screwdrivers and anything else with a sharp blade. The police are being quite successful in arresting people when videos of the crimes are being posted on social media showing the faces very clearly of the perpetrators. People, as long as they are as stupid as they clearly are, will not get away with crimes against people including attempted murder and murder. As I said there are too few police on the streets of Britain today due to the austerity measures started by the coalition Government of 2010-2015 (Tory Lib-Dem) and Tory Governments since then.