Life is one long enigma

by davebarclay1954

No idea how this post is going to go (hence the title) a little known track from the late great Hari Georgeson, music copyright is owned by his estate (Dhanni and Olivia Harrison) as well as Universal Music/Apple/EMI and video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I had an idea today for a post and wanted to share it with you, now it may not take long as it is a very short discussion when it is one sided. The thing with a discussion is that it grows, we share ideas and then bounce off each other. With a blog it is only one person’s perspective and then we can read it and comment so the conversation starts there.

Here we have had some really hot days, temperatures up in the high teens Celsius. Today it is cloudy, rainy and the temperature has dropped to 18 C. My wife has read out a post from facebook and I would like to share it with you since I find it funny but would like to know what you think of it, feel free to use the comments to let me know if it offends you, makes you laugh or however it makes you feel:

America has a President named tRump which, here in the UK, is a polite way of saying bottom burp. Britain now has a Prime Minister who is called jOhnson and this is an American polite name for a penis.

Going with the politics for a few minutes (I promise it isn’t going to be a long winded affair today). I just read that Robert Mueller III’s sealed records have been requested, unsealed, by the House Judiciary Committee to see if there is anything contained in there they can use for impeachment. About time.

OK, this is the area I wanted to discuss now that “I Am Cait” is back on British tv, why is it that not every LGBT+ person speaking out on behalf of others receives praise for their actions from the LGBT+ community? I am asking because I don’t think it is fair. Cait is outspoken and is fighting for the same rights as every woman in the US. She is a woman and may not have been born a woman but that has no bearing at all on her gender.

If you disagree with me then tell me why you disagree, but she has been through the operations necessary to become the woman she always was. If you think that gender assignment should never be changed then tell me why you feel that way. If there was never a case for someone to be born with one set of genitals feeling that they were in the wrong body then I would probably agree with you.

I have never felt that people were wrong to be gay, after all, love is love no matter where you find it. When one of my friends came out as gay to me when I was 15 I said okay, but why are you making it a huge deal? I didn’t realise how big a deal it was in 1969, even today it is kind of a huge deal. It seems to be a bigger deal for black men than white men today, similarly for trans people to come out and date someone it takes an awful lot for them if they are black than if they are white.

I couldn’t care less about the colour of someone’s skin, to me they are a human being and deserve to be treated as such. I hate that some people on this planet look at someone and judge them on their skin colour, to my mind there are as many white criminals as black, in the USA today the chances of being found not guilty still often depends on the colour of your skin. This may be the status quo but it is not true to life. I have known white people who feel ashamed to speak of their feelings, but more blacks suffer racism than white. In the time I was living and working in London I felt I could go anywhere since going to visit a workmate (a man I called friend) one Saturday afternoon and walking down the street he lived on bouncing to the Reggae Music blasting from windows on either side of the street, until he came out and asked me what I was doing on the street. I told him I came to see him but was enjoying the music. I hadn’t noticed the crowd beginning to follow me down the street.

It was only when he waved and I turned round that I realised I had a following because they were not used to white people wandering into their area AND getting off on the music. When they all gathered round us, Glen said I was cool and they sat down with us on his door step and we talked for almost half an hour about music and the artists from Jamaica. Then Glen invited me in for a cuppa and to meet his folks. One of the most rewarding afternoons I spent in London.

As I said before, if we were together, sharing a coffee then the conversation would probably keep right on going, maybe change of topic coming up but the conversation would not be stopping here. Anyway, if you want to keep the conversation going please leave a comment and I will reply to you.