A love for each other will bring fighting to an end

by davebarclay1954

A title which most of us can get behind ahead of the fighting which is happening everywhere today. Song is about loving each other and copyright is not owned by me, video is courtesy of YouTube so, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the moon landings beginning. In 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human being to set foot on another heavenly body. A lot of people on this small insignificant planet watched that first foot being landed on the moon. Of course people will say that it never happened, there have been conspiracy theories surrounding a lot of happenings in the 1960’s, from JFK’s assassination to the moon landings.

It was able to send the pictures back of Neil going down the steps from the Eagle because there was a camera on the leg of the Eagle which was turned on prior to the astronauts entering into the lunar module and flying down to the surface. That is also why you can see pictures from the outside of the moon’s surface growing in the camera lens.

I won’t get into the conspiracies here because I don’t think it was right to try and limit the level of the success for man. When you realise that most phones today (whether you call them mobiles or cells) have more computing power than the entire Apollo 11 event it really lets you see how determined they were to fulfill JFK’s premise of NASA, that before the end of the 1960’s America would put a man on the moon.

I was so proud to be alive in 1969 but on July 20, I was at my aunt and uncle’s home in Wallsend, their tv broke down and, being a Sunday, there was no way to get it repaired before the moon landing and the walk on the surface of another orbiting piece of rock. I missed the first moon walk and there was no chance of a repeat when the news showed the landing and walk during the broadcasts that day.

There were a lot of things which happened during the 20th century which are being repeated today, and not all of them are good. There were wars, there have always been wars right through human history. There were atrocities committed against human beings by other human beings, and this is still continuing today. There was genocide by a regime on a scale never seen before, but it is happening again today.

As well as all of this happening throughout the 20th century there were good things happening. There was a rise in the numbers of people who were against segregation (in the USA) and apartheid (in South Africa). Both of these were repealed. Blacks and Whites both bleed red when cut, everyone has the same basic human rights. There was also an idea which was brought out of the end of the Second World War to be fought on European soil. This was to unite countries together, make them dependant on each other so that they would not go to war again. Because of this there has not been another conflict in Europe which pitted European against European.

If we don’t learn lessons from history then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Britain and the British Empire used concentration camps to put down sedition in the countries they occupied. Germany, under Adolf Hitler, put this idea into practice in order to round up those considered dangerous by Hitler. More and more concentration camps were built (all of them by the inmates apart from the barbed wire around them to keep people in). In 1941 when the war was going against the Allies and with the Nazis, these concentration camps were changed to become extermination camps.

Where are we seeing modern concentration camps being built? On the Southern Border of the USA, that’s where. At the moment there is still a chance to stop these ever becoming extermination camps. In the 1960’s there was a war being fought on foreign soil which was as popular then as Iraq was in 2000’s. The battle was not over oil reserves, it did not involve evil people like the second world war had. What this war was fought over was ideology, Communists in North Vietnam wanted to bring the entire country under a communist flag. South Vietnam asked the USA for help and more and more troops were sent over to Vietnam, at first the role was to train and aid Southern Vietnamese troops to fight their countrymen from the North.

Within a few years it became clear that the South Vietnamese Army were reluctant to fight their countrymen from the North so more and more American troops were sent in to fight on their behalf. The conflict escalated quickly into a full war fought by troops from America, Australia and New Zealand. Our Government refused to get drawn into a conflict in such a far flung part of the planet. The war in Vietnam coincided with Americans getting television 24 hours a day seven days a week. There were correspondents sent over with camera crews to go out with the US Marines and the indiscriminate killing of villagers by these troops were reported daily on American tv which fuelled those against the war.

Would that happen today? More so, there is no longer any privacy so if atrocities are being committed it is very easy to film and show these. Everyone today has a smart phone and the ability to post videos on social media and once it is out there it is hard to get it back. More often than not it is not able to cancel a video once it is on the internet since it becomes shared by others very quickly. With all of the technology at our fingertips today why don’t we use this to promote peace more and end war once and for all? Could it be that war is profitable? Peace also sells but none of the major players want to buy.