May you always do for others

by davebarclay1954

and let others do for you… A song that I have been humming for the last few days so it is posted here for your delight and enjoyment. Copyright belongs to Columbia Music, Sony Music Corporation and Bob Dylan. Video courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but this is out of my control.

When does a war become so expensive it is conceded that it can never be won? The war in Vietnam was deemed to be lost in 1975 when the US stopped fighting on two fronts and pulled the troops out and Vietnam fell to the communists in that same year. Who decided to pull the plug on a war which was only supposed to put American boots on the ground to train South Vietnamese troops? The President of the USA, that’s who. President Johnson no less since Nixon resigned the presidency in 1974 so his VP took over the reigns.

If we do nothing to prevent tRump from running in 2020 he will become POTUS again because he has made sure that the hacking door has been left wide open for “someone” to manipulate the vote again, exactly as happened in 2016. If the Democrats in the House won’t begin Impeachment straight away then 2020 will be the end of the greatest democracy since Rome. The end result of 2020 will be a manipulated win for tRump and his first act will be to declare himself Emperor, blackout the concentration camps at the Southern border and turn them into extermination camps.

If you don’t believe this is possible think about the latest reports from the border camps when VP Pence visited them and the looks of disgust on his face and that of every officer there. They don’t see the people interred there as people but as some kind of animals to be used and abused as they see fit. They have already started moving teenage girls from these concentration camps to Florida, 8 miles away from Mar-A-Lago, you should know these are not by chance. If you had any doubt about the relationship tRump and Epstein share you should be aware that Epstein was operating with the full blessing of the current POTUS.

Anyway, enough of this criminal now, every decent human being on the planet knows how to stop him but is becoming frustrated with the dragging feet of the Speaker of the House. Anyway, as I said, enough of him as there will be bigger scandals coming our way soon.

If we can have some semblance of normality in the dark days ahead then we should use that to illuminate our lives and give what help we can to those facing the full force of the dark times ahead we should know that we have still some light left to give.

You should always be who you are because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. A word of wisdom from Dr. Seuss. If we all pull together is there any limit to our power? Of course not, we can do more together than any one of us alone can achieve. What then of the dark days ahead, rain, storm and the weather deteriorating until we end the destruction of the planet – or the planet ends us? Or can we work together to bring the destruction to an end and make the planet healthy again? I believe that as long as we act before much longer then we can save life on this planet before the planet ends everyone on it.