The British Police are the best in the world

by davebarclay1954

Today, for a change of pace, I have used a line from TRB and a song which is, thankfully, no longer true in the UK. That doesn’t mean that there is full acceptance of everyone here at home, with racism and other discrimination going on around us every day and too few police to deal with every crime being committed we are in a far worse position than we were when the album (Power In The Darkness) came out in 1977. As always I don’t own the copyright, video is courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Parts of the song have become untrue but the sentiment it conveys of police brutality, while no longer everyday in the UK, is still true in most of the countries around the planet. The law is changing so that everyone is being given equal rights with everyone else. Since it isn’t pie that doesn’t mean anyone is losing out on their rights. With so much hate and violence in the world today I am reminded of my youth and the demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, which the American Government refused to recognise as a war. Today we have the war against terrorism (which is a world war no matter which way you cut it). The war on drugs (which is failing) and other wars going on all around us.

If you don’t think I am right about the war on drugs take a look at how big and powerful the cartels have become and how much money their illicit trade generates for them. We should press our Governments to end this war and put the cartels out of business by taking over the drug production and distribution through legal channels. If they control the quantity and strength of the drugs available on the streets what will happen to the cartels in (so called) third world countries? Their power base will be weakened and their cash supply stopped overnight. The Government will then have increased revenue and the danger of an overdose will be lower.

The extra revenue can be ploughed into the economy in the form of additional funds for threatened services like police and fire. This will also prevent terrorists from making money from selling and distribution for the cartels. However, no Western Government wants to admit defeat even though they are losing this particular war with more and more drugs finding their way onto our streets. The people buying don’t know what it has been mixed with and play Russian Roulette with every injection and every tablet they pop.

As an example of dangerous mixers, I have heard of heroin being mixed with rat poison to make it spread further, while this will only kill in high doses do those idiot pushers know how much is safe? Do they know what the heroin they bought has already been mixed with? The answer to both of these questions is NO.

Some people in power know the war is not being won, for every reported bust recovering millions of pounds worth of drugs at ports, airports or in chemical factories, there are around another 90% out there making their way onto the streets. If we are unable to stop them all then we should hold our hands up, admit we have lost and do something about getting the income ourselves, ensuring the product is safe in the process.

Everyone is entitled to benefit from police and fire services being able to do their job and keep us safe. With numbers being reduced at every turn they have to decide what to prioritise and what to let go. This is not keeping anyone safe and it leaves crimes going unpunished. Yes there are different levels of crime at play, human life is not protected when criminals can get away with their crimes due to a lack of officers. Fires are started deliberately in order to cover up crimes and with so few firefighters around today a lot of these are being left to burn unless there is a danger from toxic fumes.

Successive cuts to services don’t help everyone, they only help those who follow a life of crime. Someone is killed today there is a very huge chance the killer will never be caught because there aren’t enough police to catch them. Someone is robbed today they can kiss goodbye to their memories since the police are too overstretched to chase down the items stolen. This is a sad fact of life in Britain in the 21st Century. The leading contender for the vacant position of Leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister, is wanting to take the country out of Europe because a rigged referendum 3 years ago said that was what England wanted. A no deal was never put to the people and a lot of those who voted to leave will not accept a no deal exit. Now that the lies have been shown to be lies (the biggest one of which was that Europe needed us more than we need them) the majority now want to remain.

When the referendum and American elections were hacked by Russia in 2016 there was an outcry for an enquiry into both. Now the truth is known there is no guarantee it won’t happen again in either country. Russia is trying to destabilise the West so it becomes the only super power on the planet. Why is not yet known but you can bet on it not being to maintain peace and stability. Once it is done then it will be too late to go back.