If you got the money, honey we got your disease

by davebarclay1954

Today’s song is from a mid 1980’s debut album. Welcome To The Jungle from Appetite For Destruction. Copyright is owned by Geffen Records, GNR not me, video is courtesy of YouTube and, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

There is no strategy for this post, no theme going through it, no theme uniting it. It is just me sitting here thinking about nothing and writing my thoughts down on here for your delectation and enjoyment (at least that is my intention).

There is a lot of shit going on at home and abroad just now and I want to try and take my mind off that, so hopefully taking your mind off it as well in the process. If we were to chew the fat face to face over a coffee would we find more to laugh about than there seems to be at the minute?

I hope you are enjoying the music, if it is playing for you. Sitting down reading this with a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger if that is your poison. I haven’t been here for a while and that was remiss but hopefully this post will be a longer one and bridge the gap between my last post and this one.

I hope you are keeping well, nothing bothering you too much or giving you too much grief. I am quite well today, for a change, which means fewer meds today, hopefully this will continue tomorrow. Pain levels are back to manageable levels for the first time in several months. I hate having to take so many painkillers for the pain that I fail to function as a normal human being.

If we can do something to help another human being without going out of our way or giving more than we can afford, how many of us do that? I would do anything for anyone that it is in my power to do. I once walked 4 miles home to get some sugar and pain meds for a work colleague the day before pay day. She was diabetic and had a severe pain in her leg which was causing her severe pain along with her low sugar so she was about to go into a coma. After running all the way home and getting what I needed then running back to the house she was at I was too knackered to go home again and we shared a bed for the night. I was a complete gentleman and didn’t touch her but did keep an eye on her all night.

I would do this for someone I barely knew because she needed my help, or at least help from someone, and I could help. I don’t know if she would have accepted sexual advances from me or not that night but thought that given she had been seriously ill I would let her sleep and keep an eye on her overnight. Nothing else happened and her blood sugar was restored to healthy levels and I was so relieved by that. I know that helping her was the right thing to do, it helped her to maintain her health and it meant there was no late night visit to A&E in order to relieve her symptons.

If I had the opportunity to do it again I would without hesitation. I was trained to run towards gun fire and if, hopefully never but these days you never can tell, I was on a night out and some idiot opened fire on a crowd I would try and take them out before too many died at their hand. How many would do that? I hope those who had the same training I did would, but no one else would. If you haven’t been trained then you are better off lying under dead or dying bodies to avoid detection and stay alive.

Anything can be used as a weapon but only stand your ground if the gunman is directly in front of you. If he is looking right at you and you run away he will shoot to kill. Standing your ground will disorient him and put him on the back foot. He is a coward who prefers shooting people in the back so standing your ground and staring him down will startle him and make him panic.

If we do nothing against the criminals stalking our streets today then we will never be safe again anywhere. I would like to see a time when everyone is free to be themselves, living without fear. I doubt I will ever see that day but you never know.