You know what you can do

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the King of Weird Rock ‘n’ Horror, Alice Cooper, the track which closed their second album, Easy Action. Copyright is owned by Warner/Straight/Alice Cooper and video is from YouTube with the usual apologies if it doesn’t play where you are. If it does and you don’t like it, remember you are the only censor. If you do not like what I am saying you can turn me off.

This post was inspired by those workers who asked their company to stop selling beds to ICE for use in the concentration camps recently set up at the southern border of the USA. Today they walked out because the company refused to stop.

In part we need to decide what is right for us and then do it. The workers walked out en masse because they didn’t like the fact that their products were being bought up for the wrong reasons. Children should not be ripped from their parents just for looking for safety. The reason there are so many criminals getting away with their crimes in the USA is down to the fact that they see their POTUS getting away with worse.

Of course here in the UK there are a lot of criminals getting away with crimes because of the lack of officers on the street due to austerity cuts from the Tories since 2010. Why is it that the bankers destroyed the economy in 2008 and since 2010 the poorest in society have been hit the hardest with austerity? Cameron said we were all in the same boat while allowing bankers to receive unlimited bonuses for destroying the economy, cutting back on public services and benefits for those who need them.

There is a new leader about to be unveiled, an elected politician who will be the next Prime Minister. Depending on who wins will decide when and how we leave the EU, neither of them is committed to a second LEGAL referendum on whether we should leave without a deal or withdraw Article 50 and remain within the EU so it is unlikely that the majority will have a say in whether we leave without a deal or can, at the eleventh hour, produce an acceptable deal out of the hat.

Those who have been following my blog for a while will know already where I stand on this issue. If the 2016 referendum had been run fairly then I would have accepted the result, because leave cheated and didn’t win by a landslide no-one should take this as the will of the people. After all Remain obeyed the rules for a referendum while Leave spent almost double the amount allowed, lied and told half truths all the way through. Now they are claiming they warned about job losses, however, when Remain said there would be job losses the Leave campaign accused them of over reacting since there would be no job losses.

Of course that lie has been proven to be false since jobs have gone to France, Belgium, Germany and the Republic of Ireland already and other firms are cutting back on staffing levels ahead of moving to countries not leaving the EU. Once Brexit has occurred then we will see more jobs being lost, companies who are here to get a foothold in Europe won’t stay when we are no longer part of the biggest club in the Northern Hemisphere.

Those who pushed hardest for Brexit, Farage and Johnson among them, will be only too happy to see the Welfare State reduced to ashes and no one being allowed a safety net. No Pension, no dole, no free health care. What we need to remember today is that there are 3 parties who will be capable of forming a government, Tories or Labour if they get a large enough majority on their own, if not a coalition with the Lib-Dems who were the originators of the austerity measures following the crash of 2008.

What we need in this country is for people to recognise that a vote for an independent candidate or the Lib-Dems will not stop austerity. Only a vote for Labour can halt the rot. Of course Labour are committed through their manifesto to go back to the country for a second referendum ahead of Brexit. However, Jeremy Corbyn was silent during the referendum when Labour were supposed to be campaigning for Remain. The reason is that he has always been against the EU. Will he support a second referendum or take the UK out anyway?

Anyone who doesn’t know what they want out of a General Election will probably vote for someone who promises to deliver whatever is important to them that day. However, the choice is much clearer than that, Labour will end austerity and start taxing those avoiding tax under Tory mismanagement while under the Tories it will be more of the same, higher taxation for those who are taxed heavily with less tax for those better able to afford more.

Like the USA British politics are dominated by the two main parties who are the only ones able to form a majority Government. Who we end up depends largely on how we view the politics of them. There are many other parties but since none of them put people up in every constituency they are not going to be able to form a Government. The Brexit and UKIP parties both want to see the UK as a three tier state, poor people with nothing left to die on their own, the working class who are kept down by having too few jobs to chase and the ruling class which is where they see themselves. These people are dangerous because they will blame anyone for the ills of the country in order to divide and conquer.

Can we have a change to the power structure in the country? Not while we have the first past the post elections with the party leader of the majority party becoming the Prime Minister. However, any other form of electing our MP’s will take time to put in place and neither of the two major parties want proportional representation since that would reduce their influence and numbers of MP’s. If we continue with the current format then we have to accept that there are only two options for Government in this country and the lesser of the two evils is Labour for the masses and Tories for the 1%.