Just need a little brain salad surgery (Part 2)

by davebarclay1954

This is part 2 of yesterday’s post to celebrate the life of Dr. John todays music is from Right Place, Wrong Time. This was the first song I heard by Dr. John so I think it is as good a place to start this post as any. Copyright is not owned by me and the video is courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Listening to music can lift the spirits of even the darkest soul, if you don’t get enjoyment from music then you must already be dead. I don’t know who said that but I would like to think it was Mac Rebennack since he was the second famous pianist from New Orleans.

Music has the power to end war, bring peace, lift your spirits high, or destroy lives. It is known as the Universal Language because even if you don’t understand the vocal you can still feel the beat. The beat and the music over this is what makes for enjoyment. Music can bypass the senses and go straight to the soul.

If we all liked the same music how boring life would be, so some of my dear readers may not like the music I add to my posts, however, you are the only censor, if you do not like what I am saying you can turn me off (Alice Cooper 1969).

Yes, my friends I posted part one yesterday and said part two would be in celebration of Dr. John and so here we are back again so soon. I don’t write a daily blog, this is not a diary, it is a blog where I come on when I have something to say and not just to get my creative juices flowing, although maybe that is good for others.

If Dr. John teaches anything it is that human rights are not earned, they are a natural right to be given to everyone. It’s not pie, so giving someone the rights they deserve by being alive doesn’t mean there’s less for someone else. Everyone has the right to live without fear or oppression, that is a basic human right. I don’t care if you’re the biggest bigot alive you still deserve to live without persecution, just as those you persecute deserve that same right.

After the dust settles I hope we can all live freely wherever we are, doesn’t matter what colour your skin, your gender (rightly or wrongly it doesn’t define you) who you love or how you identify. EVERYONE deserves the freedom to express themselves however they want to, you can put me down for saying things you don’t agree with. That says more about you than it does about me.

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it, just as I have the right to contradict you openly. It is a two way street, if you disagree with me you have the right to attack my words using your own. You do not have the right to use your fists against me, no matter who I am, black, white, gay, straight, male or female. I reserve the right to defend myself and call on others to help me out if I am overwhelmed. This again is my right as it is yours.

Human rights apply to us all or they apply to none. If you break the law then I have the right to see you tried in a court of law, and if found guilty, sentenced to jail time commensurate with the crime. That is the way we keep the majority safe from the minority who seek to harm them. For too long the majority have been told how to behave by the minority who control the wealth. It’s time we stood up to them and said no more getting away with paying the minimum pay what you should!

In the European elections last month I backed a Remain party since they fought fairly in 2016, in a General Election I will not back them since they will not have a hope of forming a government. I will not back the Tory party who want to make the poor suffer while giving tax relief to the wealthiest in the country to stop them leaving. The biggest supporters of Brexit have already left these shores and are safe in their Tax Havens – or living it up in Europe, apart from Putin who just wants to undermine democracy in the West.

When will the British public wake up to the lies being spoon fed to them? When a Brexiteer tells them that the job losses caused by Brexit were warned about during the referendum they forgot to add that these were from Remain, and the Brexiteers said they were Panic Spreading Rumours, however, Brexit hasn’t happened and still companies are leaving these shores to move to Europe proving they were only here to get a foothold into Europe and the European markets. How many job losses will be acceptable to the idiots backing a no deal Brexit? Will the company have to be bankrupted by them before the country seeks to rejoin the EU? That should only take a couple of years after Brexit.

Sovereignty was never lost but leaving and then realising it was a mistake will cost our sovereignty IF we are accepted again for membership of the biggest winners enclosure in modern times. What has the European Union achieved since the 1950’s when the original treaty was signed in Rome? There has been no conflict on European soil by Europeans, there has been concord and agreement by member states on how best to tackle world problems.

Leaving and burying our heads in the sand is going backwards without realising the world has moved on since 1973. Thinking we beat Germany twice in the twentieth century doesn’t mean a damn thing in the twenty-first century. If we have not learned from the mistakes made in the past we will make them again and again. Do you know what they say madness is defined as? It is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. No individual country can last in this day and age, we should be seeking to improve our lot by making Europe bigger and better not shouting from the sidelines at how great it is becoming.

What do Brexiteers look for in a separate Britain? They won’t get it, they will get isolationism, America which said it was going to back us after Brexit is now saying that any trade deal will mean the end of our NHS, welfare state and destruction of what makes us British, in other words the END OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY!

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses people, alone we will lose everything the Brexiteers told us would be regained, which we still have today. Sovereignty was never lost by membership of the biggest club in Europe, leaving will cost us everything we worked for since 1945. Jobs will only be the first cost to us of leaving the club we should have joined from the beginning.