I got a stamp on my skin

by davebarclay1954

Music for this post was decided on before I got the news of the death of the midnight crawler, Dr. John so here is the first post, second to follow in part 2. As always I don’t own the copyright in this music and the video is attached courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

It’s no surprise that musicians are leaving us almost every day, especially those who inspired my heroes. I’m just surprised that there are still 4 original members of the Rolling Stones still around. Especially with the excesses of the 60’s which took so many talented people from us too soon.

Anyhoo, this post isn’t about Dr. John or those who have recently left us for the after life. I watched a meme where Stephen Colbert put Keanu Reeves on the spot by asking him what he thinks happens to us after we die. The response was that those who love us are sad after our departure. Truer words were never spoken.

You may have to try and keep up with my train of thoughts today, because I am not sure what I want to say in this post since it was going to be about one thing, then another idea cropped up and I was away. I know my mind can flit like a butterfly from topic to topic so please bear with me since there are not going to be any tirades, no nastiness as I refuse to lower myself today to the level of the haters in control.

On Tuesday in London, two women were attacked by a group of thugs aged 15-18, males all, for refusing to kiss in front of them. The ladies in question are lesbians and a couple but don’t “perform” when ordered to. That was no excuse for them to be attacked and beaten by these thugs who have all been caught. My only hope is that they are given punitive sentences for their crime of hatred against these women.

Why is it that all those who said afterwards “How did this happen here?” are the same ones who say time and time again they don’t want LGBT+ taught in schools to their children. That’s why it happened here because LGBTQIA+ people are still seen as freaks by the majority of children brought up in “straight” households. Hate is taught by example, we should therefore look at the parents of these children and, maybe, punish them as well with registration on a hate register? After all sex offenders are added to the Sex Offenders Register and have to advise police where they are living to ensure the surrounding area is kept aware of the dangers they pose.

The same should happen for those who hate and spread malicious stories, inciting others to do the crimes they are afraid will get them into trouble with the authorities. The biggest threat is not those who carry out acts of violence, but those who incite them to commit these acts.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Farage has given a letter to 10 Downing Street stating that his Brexit thugs should be given a place at the table during the negotiations for Brexit. This following the resignation of the Prime Minister, months after the negotiations have ended, and without a single MP in Westminster.

If he gets a place at the negotiating table following the election of a new Prime Minister then I should also be given a seat at those same negotiations to try and stop a no deal Brexit ever happening since the majority of his very slender majority in 2016 didn’t vote for, and will not accept, a no deal Brexit.

In order for democracy to work, the politicians have to listen to the majority of the population, ahead of the referendum in 2016 there should have been a stipulation that anyone not voting would be voting to maintain the status quo. After all that was the way the 1973 referendum was run, where there was a massive majority in favour of joining the Common Market as it was then known. Those who didn’t vote had their votes counted as against joining, yet there was still a massive victory to go ahead and join to preserve peace in Europe.

The only reason people are still following the likes of Farage blindly is because they can’t see that the majority of foreign businesses in the UK were relocated here because our National language is English, the international language of business. Those companies came here to get a foothold in Europe so once we leave they WILL close their doors. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. Ford, Nissan, Steel companies from Japan, Technology companies from the USA and all the others, will close up shop here and move to Ireland. The Republic speak English as well as Gaelic so that gives them an advantage over France or Germany.

If America won’t impeach tRump today, they won’t do it next year since it will increase his standing in the polls. This will mean the 2020 election will again return him to the White House for a second term, since the Russians will continue to hack the American election process and results. As long as he gets away with his crimes he will get more and more bold until he has so huge a hold on America he will declare it is no longer a Republic but an Empire and himself as Emperor for life.

If we follow the path down the rabbit hole to it’s natural conclusion then we are all to blame in some small part for allowing the West to become an occupied Russian State. The cold war failed to spread Communism to the rest of the World, however, since the fall of Communist Russia and the disintegration of the USSR Putin has been successful at causing dissention and spreading hate throughout the English speaking countries on the planet.

If we don’t stop this soon it will become too late as his supporters are becoming more and more belligerent sensing that their lies are about to be discovered by the masses supporting the liars.

Have a great weekend dear reader and remember that Love is much more powerful than hate, so let the haters hate just love each other and we can catch up again soon.