what i am is what i am

by davebarclay1954

Today, music is provided by Alice Cooper and copyright is owned by Universal Music. video is courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same way as I do about the world we currently live in. It seems to be run by idiots and haters at the moment with fools and idiots trying to take over everywhere. Then you get tRump calling our latest Royal “nasty” and his supporters saying he didn’t while showing the video where he clearly does just that.

Next week he is visiting this once great nation for the second time, the first visit he was so ignorant of protocol he walked in front of our Queen, was disrespectful to her and her position. This time, he hasn’t even arrived and has called our Prince Harry’s wife “nasty” for calling him out as a misogynist, proving that is exactly what he is. If he can’t do protocol then we should not be having him back for any further visits.

His ambassador has said that, following Brexit, tRump will be looking to extend our once great nation the opportunity to be the 51st State but only if we scrap our NHS, Monarchy and the remaining Welfare State. In other words everything the Brexiteers warned the EU were going to do the US will do or leave us to go bankrupt and starve.

I know not everyone is capable of believing the state of the world around us is completely our fault, but we have almost destroyed this planet so much that it is having to fight back in order to survive. There are going to be a lot of animals facing extinction in order to provide a safe planet for life of any kind and humans are at the top of that list.

Unless we do something to correct our mistakes then we will all be destroying not only the planet but also our species.

In any event, today I was going to write about the latest in a long line of great programmes which have been dropped by their networks, picked up by either Netflix or Amazon and ruined in giving them a final season. Lucifer was dropped after season 3, picked up by Netflix for a final season and given a make over for the worse to try and tie everything up in a bow for the final episode ever. The final season had everything the other seasons had, same cast, same crew, but the stories made no sense of the back plot. Then Lucifer in the final scene to be shown was back in Hell after saying he would never go back.

I have not watched all of Game of Thrones yet, but a lot of people have said the 8th and final season was a let down, with plot twists galore, the good guys going bad and the bad guys going good. I just hope the final film in the Star Wars series doesn’t fall foul of this form of script writing. The time has come to see what befalls the last vestige of decency left in the Galaxy. Will Luke Skywalker put in an appearance in Episode IX?

Anyhoo, I think I have blethered on a tad too much today so will leave it here for now. Hopefully things will work themselves out and we will finally see justice done in Britain and America to jail those traitors who have been laundering money for the Russian Oligarchs.