I didn’t mean to take up all your sweet time

by davebarclay1954

This post features music from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Jimi’s first and only UK number 1 single. Copyright is owned by Polydor and Jimi Hendrix Estate. Video is courtesy of YouTube and apologies (as always) if it doesn’t play where you are.

I chose this track from the final album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, not just because it was the only single Jimi ever had at number 1 in the UK, it was also the first posthumous single released in the UK. It also fits in quite well with the topic of today’s post. The topic being hatred and racism which Jimi experienced during his life both in the USA and here in the UK.

I haven’t met any musician who didn’t recognise the talented black people behind jazz and rock and roll music, just because I haven’t met any musician who was racist doesn’t mean there are no white musicians who aren’t also racists. Racism is wrong on so many levels, all hatred is wrong on so many levels. When you look beneath the surface at any human being we are all basically the same. Yes there are differences between the genders but we all have muscles, skeletons, arteries and veins in common. Our genders give us sexual organs which are different between men and women, everyone knows that. Human beings are capable of empathy, love and fear. Empathy and love give us our humanity, fear leads to hatred which removes our humanity.

I feel very strongly that hate is wrong because it is a wasted emotion. If we hate then we are not able to move past a difference between us and the object of our hate. This removes our ability to empathise with the person we hate. In turn this removes our humanity one piece at a time. Without our humanity we cannot call ourselves humans, our humanity is what makes us human in the first place.

If we focus on hatred and greed then we are blinded to the special person we hate. Everyone of us is entitled to the same human rights, regardless of how we identify, colour of our skin or anything else which makes us unique. Yes, we are all different, we have different likes, loves and beliefs. That doesn’t mean anyone has the right to hate me because I’m white, or black, man or woman, transgender, gay, straight or even queer.

In the America of the 1950’s and 1960’s there was segregation and everybody with any decency could see that was wrong and divisive. Inclusion is stronger than separation, we are all the better for inclusion and diversity in all walks of life, school, work and play.

If you don’t believe me then just take a look around you, when there is inclusion and diversity everyone is working together to make life better for everyone. Where there is division and hatred the minority control the majority. Look at 2019 America, the 1% are happy to spread hatred against those seeking a better life, calling them murderers and rapists to turn the majority against them and making it easier for the minority to keep control over the masses. The same was true in Germany in the 1930’s and early 1940’s. By blaming one section of society the National Socialists were able to keep the masses under control. This was using Jews as a scapegoat, now it’s Mexicans and South Americans who flee persecution in their home country to go to America where they feel they will have a much better life only to find the situation there is worse than the one they have left behind.

Instead of being welcomed with open arms, they are separated from their children and turned away. This is to allow the paedophiles blocking their entry to abuse their children (killing too many of them in the process). If we don’t stand up against this behaviour then we are as guilty as the paedophiles who are taking advantage of the children being kept caged at the border.

There is a reason why children should be protected and that is not being done at the moment in a country divided by hate, fuelled by greed and kept down from doing what is right by a crazed lunatic who is only there because of Russian involvement. Mueller couldn’t indict a sitting President because the rules wouldn’t allow him to. He found evidence of crimes against the American people, which is treason no matter what the President calls it, or lies he is telling to cover up his guilt.

When the Attorney General is also covering up crimes committed by the President and lying on his behalf to the American people then he should also be impeached and, when he is removed from office, charged with treason and face trial for all of his crimes. It’s time for America to act in order to bring itself back to the forefront of the world stage. The first African American President did everything he could to make America Great, this President has done everything in his power to get away with treason and increase his wealth while committing crimes against humanity since he was elected President by the Russians.

It’s time we also realised here in the UK that there was Russian involvement and money spent on the Leave Campaign in 2016 and they only won a minor victory then by lying, cheating and promising to deliver things which could not be delivered. Farage is on record saying that anything less than 55% of the vote could not be taken as a win (before the referendum), that following Brexit the NHS would no longer suffer for funding as they would receive the billions of pounds taken by the EU. Now he is advocating for an end to the NHS and everyone having to have private medical insurance in order to be seen by a GP, just as the Americans have to. Of course Private Medical Insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions without charging an excess premium, so the poorest in society will not have access to life saving health care.

He doesn’t care about the likes of you and me, he was waiting for Brexit to be delivered in March 2019 so he could swan off to the USA and take up a job offer there. He gets his millions from the Russians, that’s why, like tRump, he refuses to disclose his finances. The man is a fraud and couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, just like his masters in the White House in Washington and the Kremlin in Moscow. There is strong evidence of money laundering by both tRump’s crime family and Farage for the Russian President and Russian oligarchs. It’s time they were all brought up on charges and forced to face the music for their crimes. Ending their run of hate fuelled campaigns and overturning their successes in the polls in both our countries.

The issues we currently face are global, there is no way to resolve them by isolationism, we have to be part of a global community and tackle the issues head on while there is still time. Tomorrow will be too late and instead of breaking up the EU we should be trying to make it stronger and keep things working for the good of everyone not just the top 1%.