Mother, don’t be frightened

by davebarclay1954

Change of scenery and mood for today’s blog post. Music is from Dana Gillespie, courtesy of YouTube for the video. As always I don’t own the copyright so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I have today found a blogger called Stitch, she makes a very good point about Fandom and women within the superhero movies worlds all being white. There are role models in American and UK politics who are strong women doing so much for their respective countries and I have a lot of respect and support for the likes of Alexandria Ocasia Cortez, Diane Abbot and others who speak their mind without fear. AOC has received multiple death threats because she has the GOP (and especially Donald) worried. Another woman of colour (and different religion) deserving of respect is Ilhan Omar. She is a muslim woman, outspoken against the crimes of tRump and willing to sit in the front line against him and his crime family. All of these women should be receiving praise from the stands, mountain tops and anywhere else people can be heard.

Yes, white women are getting more and more major roles within the superhero universe, however, there are more women out there who are still being denied a voice. Women of all colours, sizes, shapes and health deserve to be heard. For far too long men have been the ones in control throughout the history of the planet. If we look back we see war, famine, hatred, misogyny and the put down of women and children. If women were given more control of the planets then I believe we would see less and less wars, more diplomacy, more tolerance and more peace.

How many women can find things for men to do? Should they be given free reign to control budgets and policy for governments? Hell yeah, should they be allowed to run for the highest offices in their respective countries? Again, hell yeah.

Women can be attractive, smart, have children and jobs. Sure not every woman is going to be attracted to every man or even vice versa. Why is that an issue? It doesn’t deserve to be, we have not seen what having women in charge in the American Republic can do, because they are being put down by those misogynistic few remaining dinosaurs who control the media and find favour with the Russians who want to ensure the status quo is kept.

Anyway, enough of that topic because I think there are far too many people denying there are any problems with climate, Russian involvement in American elections, Russian involvement in British politics and European elections. There are more things going on these days than can be explained by any individual country, no individual country can tackle them alone yet some people in the UK are hell bent on destroying the country and seeing the nation split into 4. Sajid Javid is threatening to block any second referndum regarding Brexit and will block the Scottish Parliament from carrying out the will of the Scottish people for Independence.

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are both being investigated for fraud, false claims and overspending during a referendum, the referendum itself was found to be won illegally yet no one in power wants to do anything about correcting it. Scotland voted 60%-40% in favour of remaining and Javid knows that a second referendum for Independence will be carried by the same majority – hence his coming out against it. He also knows that a second referendum for a no deal Brexit or Remain will come down very hard in favour of Remain.

With a female Prime Minister in the 1980’s Britain found it’s Welfare State eroded in favour of the American model. Under another female PM between 2016-9 there has been no movement towards a deal to leave the EU. The reason is that they don’t care whether we take their deal or not, leaving without a deal will completely cripple this country (if it remains intact) but I can seriously see the Scottish People and those in Northern Ireland opting to leave by a great majority. Once Ireland is reunited then the Northern part will automatically rejoin Europe. Nicola Sturgeon has been talking to the other 27 Governments within the EU and they have agreed, at least in principle, to welcome Scotland back into the fold as long as they take the Euro as their currency. Since England will try to block the current pound being maintained that feels like a good deal to me.

Leaving the EU without a trade deal in place, forcing us to trade with the world according to World Trade Organisation rules will end up bankrupting this country. We have seen America go from the leading nation of the Free World to a Russian outlying State whose President feels more at home in the company of tyrants and dictators. He twists the truth to fit his lies and when this is proven to be lies he blames his opponents and his followers (or sheep) start chanting lock them up, or send death threats to his opponents.

Anyway, to finish on a positive note, any decent woman who knows her worth (neither female PM here must have known her worth) can end war, join the planet to fight the global ills that lie in wait for everyone of us. If we can work together to fight the climate emergency facing every single person and animal on this planet then we still might save the planet.