Whenever I’m feeling bad I listen to music

by davebarclay1954

No lyrics today to get you guessing, the music is an instrumental from 1968, Fleetwood Mac led by Peter Green and featuring Danny Kirwan. I don’t own the copyright in this music and as always video is from YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Things keep unravelling for the planet and yesterday there was a dramatic twist in the UK, instead of the boring topic of Brexit there was a remarkable upswing when Labour pushed the House of Commons to declare a Climate Emergency. We should keep up this momentum but not lose sight of the bigger picture that we are not the biggest culprit and on our own we can make a difference by keeping this in the news. Greta and the teenagers are making a huge impact with their Friday strikes to keep global warming in the public eye.

If we can prevent any further destruction of the ozone layer by forcing other countries Governments to make the same commitment towards climate change then just maybe we can start addressing the problems this planet is facing. The more of the ice caps which disappear and melt into the ocean the more sea levels will rise and more of the land mass will be under threat of flooding. That is not rocket science, it is plain common sense, ice is after all frozen water and the ice caps and glaziers are diminishing at a much greater rate than ever before.

The planet has a history of protecting itself and if we don’t want to become extinct then we have to work together to reverse the effects of a century of oil companies increasing the carbon footprint of everyone on this planet. There are plenty of sustainable sources to use if we start now then we can save the planet. However, if we don’t then by 2025 we will have passed the point of no return and can look forward to the planet becoming water bound.

In any event, the planet is dying and is fighting back to preserve itself and some life on it. There is evidence of major catastrophes happening in the past which destroyed the dominant species on the planet. We don’t have to kid ourselves that it won’t happen again because we are destroying this planet and have known about it for the last 60 years but done nothing to correct it. The big oil companies don’t want to do anything that would reduce their profit levels, the poor among us are suffering because of this and as long as there are dumb idiots running the world down then we have no chance of survival.

Of course it was not the poor in society who created this problem but it is down to each and every one of us to try and put it right. If we don’t do something right now then we will be too late and things will have deteriorated too far and too long to ever correct.