Some have gone and some remain

by davebarclay1954

Yesterday, I turned 65, still don’t feel that old. I was in Liverpool for Storm Hannah, not specifically for that storm with high winds and rain. I was there to go to The Beatles Story in Albert Dock. In honour of the group and the visit I thought what better music to accompany this post than one of the fabs better songs from a fantastic album (not Sgt. Pepper’s) so here you have, from Rubber Soul a song I enjoy from the second best Beatles album close on the heels of Revolver and ahead of the aforementioned Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Copyright is not owned by me and apologies if the video won’t play where you are.

Here are the pictures I took yesterday while wandering around following the Beatles Story from the Casbah to India and the bitter end in London. There was also a section dedicated to all four following the break up, with a further section for John Lennon who was taken from us too soon. Not so much writing this time but I will make up for that next time.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from the world in the 1960’s as seen by four guys who loved each other from the time they all met in 1959 and 1961 until the bitter end in April 1970 when Paul McCartney announced he was leaving the Beatles (this was a few months after John Lennon told him, George and Richie that he “wanted a divorce”).