Where the ocean wears the shore down

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the Dukes Of Stratosphear and copyright is owned by XTC and the music label (not sure which one since this was a home demo). Very psychedelic track and the vocal sounds as though it was Mr. McCartney from around early 1970.

Been hearing and reading such a lot about tRump and his comments when Notre Dame cathedral was burning and after. The man is an idiot, wanting to air drop water on an ancient building which was still being used. Then afterwards calling it a Museum, doesn’t he know the difference between a cathedral and a museum?

Anyway enough about the idiot, we have heard the tales of how CA hacked Facebook and used people’s profiles in the USA to hijack the 2016 Presidential election, and the profiles of UK citizens to hijack the referendum in the same year. It turns out that they were paid by the Russians (directly) and also received money from Leave (in the UK) and tRump (in the USA). That’s why the 2016 results should be declared null and void in both countries and a return to the countries populations today to run a fair campaign where everyone can stand by the result.

I know that there are those in both countries who are not happy that they will have to pay the price for breaking the law and being caught out. If they didn’t want to do the time they never should have committed the crime. All the racists raising their voices in other countries should now be running scared, the company responsible for the hacks has been forced out of business and we have to ensure that no other company comes along to pick up the sleaze where they failed.

I don’t believe that anyone is continuing to fall for the lies and half truths any longer but there are some idiots who will jump when someone starts giving them permission to do so. The idiot who started spouting off at poor old Mo in that shop has been arrested for hate crimes and I hope he does a lot of years in jail for his verbal abuse of both Mo and the young lady who filmed the incident. (She was never ever in front of the camera but the idiot kept calling her a stupid bitch and that is not something to say to any woman). If we can prevent this type of horror happening in our countries then we should all be willing to take our cameras out and film the perpetrator during the crime.

If we have proof like that then there is no defence that the crime was not committed. I believe in the power of the silent majority to change the world. Why should we be held back and pushed into the bad old days by the voice of hatred and division? Those who fear for their jobs are the ones who seek to divide and turn neighbour against neighbour. People like tRump, May and those in power in Australia and parts of Canada are using hate to alienate and divide so they can conquer. If we stand united and refuse to hate our fellow passengers on this trip around the sun we can leave them cold and alone with nowhere to hide.

Going back to my first flight, I flew from Heathrow to LAX and the flight was bumpy most of the way so we were told to remain in our seats, however, the cabin crew were amazing getting round to everyone with drinks and snacks. They also entertained those who were terrified in order to calm them down and I don’t think for a minute that they were any more stressed than they would have been on a smooth flight. Virgin Atlantic cabin crew were amazing that flight and again on the return flight, but that was smoother with fewer bumps in the road.

I have flown with British Airways more times than enough and also with Emirates, BA is the best out of these two but Virgin Atlantic still have the best crews so far. (Of course I can’t compare current crews since I have only flown Virgin twice in 1992). I have also flown American Airlines and that was a domestic flight within the USA (New Jersey to New Orleans). However, that flight crew were alright but we never had meals or drinks during the 3 hour flight. I know not everyone enjoys flying (my wife is fine in the air but hates take off and landing) but for those of us who do there really isn’t anything like it.

I have been thinking a lot about why I am here, especially after discovering my cousin Jimmy took his own life several years ago, having been so low I have contemplated doing it a few times and tried it twice without success. Suicide is never the easy way out, it takes a lot to kill someone and a heck of a lot more to kill yourself. Why then do people allow their friends to become so low and in a place so dark that they see no way out for themselves? All it takes is a phone call, or a text, asking them how they are and they stop feeling so lonely and can often decide to see what the rest of the day, the next day and even the rest of the week is like. If you have a friend who is prone to dark and deep depressions reach out and ask them how they are doing. (Word of advice never ask them how they feel unless you are strong enough to get the darkness put out for you to smell and touch).

As I have mentioned to others in the past, dear reader, there is never a right length of time to be in someone’s life, we will touch others right through our lives. If you take a second to check out It’s A Wonderful Life with James Stewart you will get the idea. I have never gone for quantity with friends, acquaintances I have in abundance but friends I have only had a few, some for a few months or years, others for longer and one has so far lasted for the last 46 years, it won’t last much longer though as she is dying from cancer. This makes me feel down, if we can be there for our friends no matter what, it does make us stronger as people but the pain when they leave our lives with no chance to return is harder than anything else we will ever feel or experience.

I know I will do anything for a friend, and have done in the past, including going out at 12:30 (in the morning) to walk 2 miles home to get some paracetomol and then walked 2 miles back with it so that my friend could have some as she was in such a lot of pain. This was someone both Lyn (my friend with cancer) and I knew since Lyn worked with her in the typing pool and I used to hang around the typing pool a lot.

The point I would like to get across here is that both Lyn and Anne are women, I have slept in the same house as both at different times, never slept with either in the same bed, and Lyn and I have been friends for almost half a century. I care about a lot of things which go against my ethical teaching, people hating for no reason is never good, love is better. I pity those who have to run others down in order to feel better about themselves, I know enough about myself to keep going fuelled with love for my fellow travellers. If those who were able to pay did so, instead of making deals with their “friends” in high places to reduce what they do pay, there would be enough money, food and houses to go around for those without. Here in the UK our NHS service is being sold off by successive Tory Governments until the only thing that will be left is the costly and unprofitable areas (like patient care) and then the Tories will stop funding them and close wards, beds and hospitals down leaving us in the same condition as the USA.

Within the USA there are those Representatives who are trying to build a national health solution which will benefit every American whether or not they have health insurance. If they are trying to build a health system similar to our NHS, why are the Tories trying their hardest to remove ours and sell it off to the highest bidder when everyone knows how badly the system is currently working in the USA.