she looked into her crystal ball

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany todays ramblings is from the Who; Pete, Roger, John and Keith. Copyright is owned by Track Records/PolyGram/The Who and video is provided courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I found this track (or maybe rediscovered would be more accurate) while listening to the 30 years of R&B box set. There is nothing I enjoy more these days than digging through my music library and finding something I haven’t listened to for years and playing it again.

There has been a lot of speculation about the state of the USA in light of the Mueller report and the fact that Individual 1 is getting to redact it before showing it to the House of Representatives is proof positive that there must be something there damaging to his presidency. If the report does in fact prove beyond doubt no collusion why not produce it in full and unredacted?

Meanwhile here at home in the UK we are still unable to find a solution to Brexit which is acceptable to everyone. I would go ahead with a no deal solution if that was what the majority wanted. However, the majority didn’t vote for Brexit, a slim majority of those who voted did vote to leave but what about those who didn’t vote? Those who were too young to vote in 2016? And the two countries who voted 60-40 in favour of Remain? Now that the truth is known and Leave cheated, lied and conned their way to a victory (smaller than they said they would accept before the outcome) the referendum should be declared null and void and Article 50 withdrawn. I’m not in favour of a people’s vote under these circumstances but since this Government is hell bent on Brexit at any cost I would ask that the people should now be given a say on whether or not we still leave. Scotland’s referendum should include a question about independence as should Northern Ireland’s to allow them to remain if that is still the will of their populations.

Anyway, if the politicians cannot decide what should be done regarding Brexit or impeachment. We all know there was a lot of controversy following the election and referendum in 2016 and Russia was involved in destabilising democracy in the two most powerful nations in the West (USA and EU). Therefore to carry on down the path of least resistance makes no sense to me. I am all in favour of people power, and have added my voice to a number of causes over the decades to change people’s perspectives and the law in regard to war and human rights violations.

Brunei is denying the rights of its citizens to openly come out and say they are gay. The son of the Sultan of Brunei has been outed as being gay and is now in fear of his life since his dad will throw the first and last stone at his head. When nations make a stand against a minority we have to unite behind them in order to publicise this afront and ensure it results in a positive change. I do not agree with violence and stand shoulder to shoulder with those persecuted for their beliefs and sexuality.

Everyone of us has the right to live wherever we want to and love whoever completes us. As I have said I am bisexual and have been with men and women, that is my right as a human being and because we cannot choose our sexuality no one can say what is right and what is wrong. Similarly, women and men who commit adultery do so because there is something wrong with their marriages. If the women are being victimised then how is that fair? It isn’t and Brunei should be made to realise they are in breach of human rights with their new laws and pressure can be brought to make them change these unfair laws.

There is a move afoot to boycott their hotels, this is okay in as far as it goes but the hotel chains owned by the Sultanate are so expensive they are out of the reach of those people like me who barely have enough money to live each month. The government of the USA and the UK can make their voices heard by condemning the unjust laws of other nations but at the end of the day they have no power to force any sovereign nation to change their laws, even if these laws are against the human rights we should all have.

I am not advocating violence but non violent protests are even more powerful to get the message across to those in power that they are not acting in the public interest on the world stage. Martin Luther King Jr. managed to persuade his followers to resist peacefully to have the unjust laws in the USA changed to benefit every American citizen. He was shot and killed in April 1968 for his beliefs. John Lennon also advocated non violent protests against human rights violations in the US and in Vietnam, he was also shot and killed in December 1980. This tells me that those guilty of human rights violations are not interested in discussing their flaws but very willing to kill in order to stop people bringing their flaws to the light.

I know John Lennon was assassinated for comments he made in 1965 off the record according to his killer, but no one believes that he acted alone and that was the real reason for silencing the great pacifist feminist who was John Lennon. If he ever is released then it will be too soon, he needs to be buried inside the penitentiary walls as a lesson to everyone that murder is not tolerated. Similarly policemen in the US who kill unarmed men and boys should be held to account for these deaths. I’m not saying there is never a need to shoot first and ask questions afterwards but there are ways to shoot that leave those shot still able to answer questions.

I know I can’t influence American politics or judiciary into doing what is right but together we can make those in positions of power responsible for their actions. I am against diminishing rights to privacy because everywhere there are cameras capturing almost everything we do, this has to be placed in consequence of keeping us safe. It also helps when a crime is committed to view the crime after the event in order to catch the culprit. This is necessary today in a way it never was before. When I was growing up there were no cameras on streets, very little street crime and certainly no one was afraid to go out in case they were stabbed or shot. Nowadays criminals are tooled up, guns and knives are on every street in the UK and I believe that the cameras can help to catch the criminals and terrorists in the act so that will enable the police to catch them and to prosecute them even when witnesses won’t come forward.