I felt a little like a dying clown

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany this post is from The Who, copyright is owned by Polydor/The Who and the video is courtesy of YouTube. Apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I have been reading a lot of posts from so-called Christians in the USA who support tRump. One of these states that the author will grab any woman by the breast if he wants since they seem to whip them out in order to feed their babies. Please, dear reader, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the primary purpose of a woman’s breasts? To hold milk for a baby so that the baby gets the necessary nourishment at the correct temperature when it needs it?

Yet another one, when pulled up for grabbing a woman between her legs replied that he was told by his president that it is okay to do that. We seem to have taken a trip backwards in time through the past darkly, and returned to the age we thought had gone forever, when women were less than men. Women are better than men, they have taken abuse for centuries and only in the 20th century did we learn how wrong this was.

Yet again, we have had a report leaked to the internet because the contents were going to be covered up. How can we put up with this at any time and certainly now when the internet is open and therefore anything posted can be viewed by anybody? Is the whole Mueller report going to be leaked and posted online before we find out exactly how damning it is?

If we want to change perceptions then we have to use the internet to do this, we can also stop wars and bring those who pick on the weak, elderly, women and LGBTQIA+ to the eyes of those whose job it is to protect everyone. That is happening more and more and some idiots are even filming themselves hitting elderly people in gangs and showing everyone’s faces before posting the video online. We have to stop naming these idiots, especially if they kill, because that is their entire agenda. They want to be famous so if we refuse to name them they remain anonymous and maybe then we can see the hatred start to change.

If we refuse to allow ourselves and our neighbours to be victims of violence then we can change attitudes to crimes against people. How many of us have witnessed someone being told to “speak English or shut up” when we are shopping? Some of us will stand up against the bigot who is trying to run down someone for not speaking their language. I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Conservative or Labour or even an independent supporter. We can’t all be right all the time, to err is human to forgive divine. Not everyone can be forgiven but when the crime is minor then we can seek to forgive and bring the event to a close without anyone losing. However, when someone wins an election fraudulently then we should be able to reverse the decision in that election or hold it again with the parties acting within the law, checking that all facts are correct and no one is lying. There were too many elections and referendums stolen from the people in 2016 by lies cheats and foreign intervention.

On a happier note, my dad is doing quite well, his dementia seems to have been stopped from getting worse. If only I could forgive him for all the decade’s when he made me feel as though nothing I did was good enough or even just good, then maybe I could rebuild a relationship with him. Still, I will continue to make the effort to call in to see him from time to time and keep in touch when I’m too far away.