Love can’t get our minds off

by davebarclay1954

To celebrate the life of MLK Jr. I chose today’s song since his message was love. This was the Rolling Stones response to being sentenced to jail time for drug use. Copyright is owned by The Rolling Stones/Decca/Abko and the video is supplied courtesy of YouTube. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are.

You may ask why I referenced Martin Luther King Jr today, the reason why is because yesterday was 51 years since his assassination in Memphis Tennessee. His message was civil disobedience to show the way black Americans were treated in modern America, 100 years after slavery was abolished in the USA. He promoted non-violence to get his message across and none of his followers were ever arrested for being violent. It was such a huge shock when he was killed in such a violent way by a White Supremacist and they are once again gaining momentum across the USA.

Racism caused far too many wars and riots in the 20th century so it can never be allowed to come back. In the 1960’s there were a lot of people who showed the way to make a more profitable future for everyone and MLK was one of these. Peaceful protest is never wrong, ask Gandhi, MLK and all the others who promoted civil disobedience without violence. Love is the only thing which will conquer hate. Fire may be beaten by fire (breaks) but hate will only be defeated by love. There is nothing we cannot do if we stand together.

I feel that anyone who is oppressed in order to silence them has been gravely mistreated. Hatred creates the furnace which will blaze strong and hot for a little while (possibly a century in the past) but with the internet and social media that would never be possible again. There are times when war is justified short term, when the cause is just. However, anyone killing another human being is never right unless it is done to prevent many others being harmed. That is, and should be, the only justification. Love can defeat hatred whenever it raises its ugly head.

Can we please get back to the entire point of our existence which is not to destroy one another but to help each other? If we help others then we also reap the rewards. In any modern society we have to accept that not everyone is perfect, it is our imperfections that make us unique and our uniqueness keeps us real. There is always a benefit to caring for others which we may not realise, whatever you do has a habit of feeding its way back to you again.

I know that it is hard to appreciate this fact that when you help others you make life easier for everyone. If we can help someone by doing nothing then that is the right thing to do, however, more often than not we can help by doing something. Something can be spoken, written or done. Actions speak volumes and violence is never the answer to anything, violence and inciting others to violence is the act of a desperate individual. We have seen so many people shouting down those who try to make life bearable for others. People in the USA and the UK (I’m sad to say) have been abused for not being white, not speaking English when having a private conversation with friends and the ones who have been complaining are saying more about their narrow minds than those they are criticising.

If we cannot accept others for being unique individuals then this says a lot more about us than it could ever say about them. I believe that we are all passengers in this life, on a trip around the sun, and we should be helping each other to get through this journey as best we can. If you are with me then speak to those in Government and let them know that where there is injustice, law breaking and corruption they should not follow the herd in siding with the law breakers to fighting this wherever it needs to be fought. Those who break the law, whoever they are, should be held to account and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and given lengthy jail sentences wherever appropriate and not allowed to get away with their crimes.