I didn’t want to hear it then

by davebarclay1954

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Everyone of us believes that our mum is the greatest mum in the world, even though we get told off (often) scolded (again often) worry her (an awful lot) and consider her the greatest woman we will ever meet. I know in my life I have loved my mum, hated her for her irritation with me but always known that she loved me in return.

How many children think their mum knows best what is right for them? Probably no-one under the age of 30 believes that all the time, I know I didn’t. I now know that when she told me not to do something it was for one or more of 3 reasons, it was dangerous, it was illegal or it would cause me harm. At the time, at least when I was younger, I resented not being allowed to do things which would change my perspective. Hanging out of the bedroom window to look at the sky rather than lying on the grass made the sky look brighter. Looking at the grass from the same position made it look greener and browner at the same time (where it had thinned out).

Mum’s have the best job, they get to spend time with their children and form their ideas regarding right and wrong. Dad’s work and, therefore, spend less time with their children during the formative period (birth to 5 years old). However, father’s do enforce the child’s belief in themselves if they will encourage different viewpoints. I learned at an early age that friends are those who live near you, they will change as you move around and I have always tried to go with quality rather than quantity in my friends.

I counted my mum as a friend from the age of 19 when I got married the first time, she was the one who had my back when things started going wrong and she helped me out when I had nowhere to stay. Even though it got her into a lot of trouble with my dad she did take all the hate he threw my way without revealing what she was going through until much later. I was hurt when she died on a Wednesday since that was my day to call over and see her, the day she died I was down in Basingstoke to pick up my daughter and step-sons so hadn’t been over to see her that day.

Needless to say, my dad blamed me for her death for several years (1985-2008) because I hadn’t called over to see her! I cried every day from the time I found out she had died until the day of her funeral. As the eldest son I felt it was my duty to stay strong and hold things together that day to say goodbye to her. I got married for the second time a year later in 1986. My dad did succeed in pushing me away a few months later when I moved down to Basingstoke for the second time to take up a job at AA Insurance Services.

For those who still have their mum’s with them I would urge them to treat them with kindness every day of the year, on Mother’s Day, whenever possible, give them a day off. Treat them to breakfast, wash up for them and get dad to help you prepare every meal that day. Buy flowers often for your mum because you never know when she will be taken away from you. If you don’t treat her with respect today you may not get a chance to make up for it tomorrow. I guess what I am saying is love your mum and make sure she knows it always because it is often too late to make amends if you tell her you hate her the last time you see her alive.

I have been quite lucky in having a mum I could sit with and talk to, explain why I didn’t do things right all the time. Talk through any problems I had and get advice from her about how best to work through my issues so that they would work out for the best after all. The last thing I said to my mum was over the phone the day before she died, I said I wouldn’t be over to see her on the Wednesday as I was picking her grand-daughter up but I would see her on Saturday when we arrived back in Glenrothes. The day after I got a call from my brother to say mum was dead. I was so pleased my last conversation with her had been so positive since I would have been devastated if we had not had a loving conversation (we did sometimes argue and fall out but never for long) since I would never have been able to take those words back.

I am starting to build a relationship with my dad but it is too little too late. I don’t wish him any harm but I have no love for him at all, this is a shame and I would never tell him about this since he must know all the mistakes he made with me and my brothers over the years.