I know you’re always there

Music to accompany today’s Mother’s Day post is from Genesis, copyright is not owned by me but by Genesis, Universal Music Group and the video is provided courtesy of YouTube. Apologies if it won’t play where you are but I hope you can find a version that will.

Today is the day when the clocks went forward in the UK, beginning British Summer Time, and it is also Mothering Sunday. If we need an excuse to celebrate the women in our lives then it is today.

My mum died in 1985, as many of you will already know. I still miss her a lot and my brothers also miss her but don’t know as much as I do about the life she had with my dad. I will always be grateful to her for teaching me that everyone is exactly the same if you look beneath the surface. She was the one solid rock that I have been built upon and I will never forget what she has taught me about people and life.

I grew up at a time when there was a lot of racist views in the media and in tv programming, the civil rights movement was dominating the US headlines alongside the war in Vietnam. The catholics in Northern Ireland were being stopped from taking any but the most menial jobs in the Province and the IRA were beginning to gain momentum once again. With this backdrop, and the fact that my dad’s family were superior whites, it’s a wonder I learned any lessons which were completely different to my surroundings but learn them I did at the feet of a woman who opened my eyes to so much pain, suffering and poverty around the planet.

Mum showed me, by her actions and words, that people are people and this was demonstrated by so many of my peers, The Beatles received a lot of press in the UK for insisting that wherever they played in the USA the audience was not segregated. This brought to light the Jim Crow policies which JFK was trying to remove before his assassination in 1963. Policies which should never have been created after the Civil War ended 100 years before were being chipped away by the Black Leaders in the USA, people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and others brought the fight for civil rights to the attention of the remainder of the world.

When you consider how far we have still got to go in almost every country on this small rock to eliminate racism and bigotry it makes you wonder if the sacrifices made by those men and women of the 1960’s was really worth the effort. Then you remember that if they hadn’t started the ball rolling we would still be in the dark ages of American History which tRump is trying so desperately to recreate. I feel that his is the last hurrah of White Supremacy and Racism, I also hope that his brand of fascism never comes to fruition.

Back in the 1990’s, when he was supporting the Democrats, he said that he had no intention of ever running for the Presidency but, if he ever changed his mind he would have to run as a Republican because the Democrats would never buy into his brand so he would not stand a chance of being nominated by the party he was serving. In a world where ignorance and intolerance has been outlawed for so long he stood up and brought it back to the forefront in American politics and those bigots and racists came out of the woodwork to put forward their claim for White Supremacy. This has spread to all four corners of the globe across all seven seas and was the reason for the attack in Christchurch NZ a few weeks ago. Let no one mistake this for fascism because that is exactly what it is.

If we don’t stop this soon then tRump will declare the USA his, he will halt democracy (I’m just surprised he hasn’t done this already after losing the House of Representatives). All those opposing him will suddenly disappear and never be seen or heard from again. He has already gained support from at least one American News Agency and is getting support in the UK from a woman who should be ashamed of herself for aligning with such a disgraceful human being, he not only hates women but wants them to go back to being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. He hates blacks, Jews, LGBTQIA people and anyone who has the cheek to criticise his views openly.

He has been given the Mueller report and is being allowed to redact this before it will be shown to the American people, by his AG who is acting in his own interests and not in the interests of the American People. He has got to be stopped but there are far too many Americans who will back a lame duck rather than his opponent to stop him in 2020. What American voters have to realise in 2020 is that the only way to stop him will be to back whichever candidate the Democrats put forward. American politics are still dominated by two parties and GOP have been covering up tRumps crimes for so long that they can’t stop now because they are just as guilty as he is.

He was elected in 2016 because of the opposition being split 3 ways, there were 2 independents standing in most states but not in every state, so the Democrat (Mrs Clinton) did not generate enough votes in the College to be elected although she won the public vote over tRump. Why doesn’t America remove the College and just rely on the person winning the Public Vote to be elected as President, that is something only the Americans themselves can do.

I have seen examples of the hatred being spouted against AOC, Nancy Pelosi and other strong women in the House, there has also been a backlash against the likes of Adam Schiff who has been very vocal in calling out tRump (he’s a Republican by the way, in case you didn’t know) so the backlash against this criminal is beginning to gain momentum and the big question now is can it continue to gain force before 2020 so that someone in the GOP will stand against the sitting POTUS for nomination as a candidate and beat him.

Sorry for the rant, especially since this post was going to be in praise of women everywhere, I did get sidetracked and for that I apologise profusely. I don’t want to dwell on our own troubles here in the UK but we have a stubborn bitch who is determined to take this country to the dogs in order to appease the vocal minority at the expense of the silent majority.