The love you take is equal to the love you make

by davebarclay1954

Since this post is coming from my iPad there’s no music accompanying it. I don’t have a lot to say here, however, there’s a growing trend among the electorate in the UK who want to make the final decision between a bad deal and no deal Brexit, with the third option being remaining in the EU. It’s something our PM will ignore at her peril with so many within her own party fearing for their jobs if they go against the will of their constituents.

Her position was untenable before the call to revoke Article 50 was started, now with 5m signatures and counting, she will be an idiot to press ahead with her no deal agenda for Brexit. If we leave without any deal it won’t take very long to completely bankrupt the UK and lose the Scots and Irish from the union so that they can join the EU in their own right.

Who can say what the Welsh will do once the Nation starts being pulled apart because the latest polls show that they have also had enough of the lies, hatred and bigotry caused by the leavers in 2016. Seems that the minority, as usual, are louder, more violent and totally lacking in sanity by claiming that they hold the high ground since 38% who voted to leave Europe in 2016 is a resounding majority.