You keep all your money in a big brown bag

Music to accompany this post is from The Beatles with a little known (or remembered ditty) from the Magical Mystery Tour album and it was the B-Side of All You Need Is Love. Copyright is owned, not by me, but by The Beatles/Apple Corps/EMI Music and the video is presented courtesy of YouTube. Apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I have noticed recently that some of our leaders have offered condolences to the victims families following the attacks by Australian Terrorists at 2 Christchurch Mosques on Friday. The same politicians who incite White Supremacists to rise up and strike against the “Muslim threat”.

There is no Muslim Threat to our way of life and these attacks are not justified by saying there is. Our Muslim population have as much right to live in our country as we do. They came to escape persecution and war at home, we welcomed them in and the majority want them here because they add so much to our environment. Our lives are enriched when we welcome brothers and sisters into our community because they were unwelcome in their own.

Inclusion doesn’t just mean being outraged at the terror attack but also getting to know the Muslims who are relocating here from the Middle East, Africa and anywhere else. Muslims following the Qoran are peaceful, law abiding tax payers. They want to live without the fear of violence and only idiots will not be able to see this. I have seen video on Twitter of a Muslim, wearing a blindfold in different parts of Amsterdam (I think) wearing a blindfold and asking people to hug him even though he is a Muslim.

A lot of people did just that, went up and gave him hugs, they didn’t necessarily know him but they cared enough about the Islamophobia which is running rampant across the planet just now. Can I just add that the majority of recent terror attacks around the world have been by home grown white extremists and they claim to be Christians. Christ said to love thy neighbour, that doesn’t mean shooting him to death at every opportunity so these people are no more Christian than the members of ISIL were Muslims.

Muslims are good people in the main, you get some bad apples just like some Jews are bad, some Christians are bad, some Brits are bad, some Arabs are bad. We are all unique so don’t daub everyone with the same brush you use to daub the bad apples.

On another note, closer to home, Nigel Farage decided to march for Brexit as Leave Means Leave (when 2 countries out of 4 voted to Remain in 2016) and discovered he has fewer followers now than he did in 2016. That’s why he and his followers are against a second referendum to decide whether we should leave without any kind of deal whatsoever. The majority would rather remain in the EU than bankrupt this country by leaving without any deal.

I have recently rediscovered that there are some fantastic sci-fi shows around at the moment, things like The Orville, Star Trek Discovery, The Gifted and other shows in similar veins. Some of these are being repeated and I am only just catching onto them, others I caught from the beginning and they continue to go from strength to strength.

Does anyone have a show that they recently discovered on a repeat showing or caught from the beginning? I think I have just about exhausted myself now so I will bid you a fond adieu for now and hope to catch you again real soon.