Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

Music to accompany this post is from Metallica, the first album of theirs I had heard played for me by a lovely woman I met at the hotel in Los Angeles where I was staying (she was the bell-hop bus driver for the hotel). Her name is Carla Simon and her boyfriend was another good friend to myself and 2nd wife, Jason Noriega. Having lost touch with them I have no idea if they are still in LA or have moved to Texas where they were talking of going. Anyway, they introduced me to Metallica and this track is for them as much as anyone. Copyright is not owned by me but is owned by Metallica and their record label. Video is once again courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

News today about the dumpster leading the Free World, he turned up in a disaster zone, took out a load of Bibles and started signing these and issuing them to survivors. Someone who for decades has been practising every single one of the 7 deadly sins, signing bibles, has to make you question religion. Every religion has been hijacked by some to further their press for power, increase their wealth but this is someone trying to claim he wrote the bible when he has not been around long enough to make that claim, Methusalah hadn’t been around long enough to make that claim.

Anyhoo, changing the subject because I swore to stay away from him during Lent but so far only managed 3 days. Enough of my woes though, I also heard some good news yesterday, someone I follow on Twitter announced he only has 2 months left until he goes to the Caribbean to get married. His name is Matt and his husband to be is also called Matt. I really needed to hear some good news when I read about the closeness of his wedding. May I take the time to share with you my best wishes to the happy couple for a long and happy married life.

For those regular readers of this blog you know I do sometimes flit from topic to topic to try and get everything down that I am thinking of, I received an email from my dad’s email yesterday saying he had accidentally deleted my last email and wanted me to resend it, however, I had been having issues with my laptop and had to put windows back onto it meaning I lost a multitude of files, games, apps and software that I am having trouble locating now. This makes me want to scream, but that wouldn’t get the software back onto my laptop. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Changing the subject again, I would like to know how many of my colleagues here, dear reader, have had issues with software not working as it is supposed to. I bought and installed dBpoweramp music converter and it was working fine before. I have reinstalled it and it was working up until my laptop was restarted to finish off the latest update to Windows 10, now it is still on the laptop but it doesn’t give me any of the options from the right click menu to convert a file or to edit the id tag. Not sure whether or not to try this again, i.e. Restarting the laptop once the current task has finished to change the attributes of a huge folder.

There is only a few hours left to go, approximately 7 according to the timer. So watch this space as I will update you after trying the restart.

Going back to my problems, I sent my old phone off to what I thought would be a reputable company ( but they still say they haven’t received it and the compensation I got from the Post Office to cover my loss was ¬£256 less than they offered. Has anyone else encountered problems with this company? Would love to hear from you if you have.

On yet another tack, does anyone feel that there is a conspiracy going on at the moment? It seems that we have become subjected to a lot of hatred, bigotry and victimisation for speaking out about the current spate of intolerance since 2016. However, the tide is turning and those bigots, racists and misogynists are about to get their come comeuppance. Thank you to all those, like me, who will never bow down in the face of adversity, who stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Anyway, here we are at the end of this post, thank you for reading and if you have arrived at the destination I hope the journey was worthwhile.