Who can say where they’re blowing

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Of course it is now Lent, the run up to Easter, and a time for Roman Catholics to fast. Others will give up chocolate, tv, cigarettes or something else during this period. Myself, I won’t be giving up anything, why? After all the cases involving clergy from the Catholic religion of rape of minors (both sexes) and them being found guilty I feel that any organised religion which stops its clergy from marrying and carrying on a normal sexual life has to be accountable when members of that clergy commit crimes against others. Especially when those others are children.

I was brought up a catholic but stopped going to church when I left home because I saw too many men (yes men, white males almost exclusively) behaving for an hour as though they were the most godlike creatures who existed on this planet. Once out of church though these men behaved like animals. Many went to the pub while their wives prepared and cooked dinner, some of them would be talking to women and arranging to meet up with them later on that same day for sex, even though they had wives and children at home.

I actually stopped going to church regularly before I left home apart from Easter, Christmas and during Lent and Advent I would go occasionally just to see if anything changed. At one point I was considering becoming a missionary for the church, until my eyes were opened to all the hatred and bigotry around me at school and at church. I believe that there is a purpose for us here but it is not to hate and lie and cheat. I learned that last lesson too late to save my first three marriages, however, I may be able to save this one.

I have studied different religions, although by no means all of the religions on the planet, and the one thing they have in common is to treat everyone around you with love, respect, and tolerance. Today there is not enough of this going around. I can not believe in any God who would allow his children to fight, kill and maim in his name when, in the old testament scriptures he supposedly attacked villages, nations and any manner of people for being ungodly. I also found out (around about 1974) that Adolf Hitler was a Catholic and he was never excommunicated by the church at any time. That says a lot about the church and the teachings of the Bible to me.

If God did exist then he got bored with us and went elsewhere to create worlds and people to inhabit them, or maybe he wasn’t immortal and has died in the intervening time since sending His son to earth to preach to His chosen people (the same Jews who have been persecuted for the last 4,000 years). What is the point of carrying on with any religion when wars have been fought to decide which God was real and which was fake? Wars which should never have been started but this country wanted to increase it’s land mass and wealth by killing another nation and taking control of its land and indigenous people for their own greed.

I think that those Native Americans and Native Australians and New Zealanders knew more about life, nature and the symbiosis with humans than we ever will hope to learn from any source. Instead of sitting down peacefully and talking with the Natives the Europeans killed them and very nearly wiped out every indigenous person in Australia, New Zealand and The Americas. They caught and enslaved massive numbers of Africans and shipped them to other countries where their dark skin wouldn’t feel the affects of the sun as much as the white skin did.

Why did all this happen? To spread civilisation across the world, however, who was more civilised? I think that civilisation isn’t measured by wealth, it’s measured by how much you help your fellow travellers, after all we are all on the same 365 and a bit day journey around our sun every year. If we ignore what is happening around us then we will perish just as those Natives did when we attacked them in order to wipe them out and make them civilised. To what end? We can never hope to repay those who remain for the losses we forced on them. African, Native American, Indian, Native Australian or Native New Zealander.

The hatred and bigotry is still running rife today and instead of forcing it underground and killing it off slowly it has resurfaced into everyday life, the big difference between now and the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries is that we have social media, twitter and facebook, so every injustice is being probed and prodded until we have made those perpetrating hatred and bigotry know that we are watching and we will not forgive without some recompense to those they persecute.

Anyway, dear reader, thank you for listening to me ramble on and I hope you take care, whatever you do, keep yourself safe, wherever you go, remain in the light and may your god go with you everywhere.