Raised my voice in anger

by davebarclay1954

When I know I never should. Music to accompany todays’ wanderings and spiritual awakenings is from Freddie Mercury and the original Queen (how could it be anything else with Brian, Roger and John?) video is courtesy of YouTube and the recording is copyright of Queenonline.com and EMI Music.

Why have I chosen this track today? I’m not sure, unless it was to emphasise the latest whopper uttered by the current incumbent nincompoop of the White House, “I never helped Kushner or my daughter to get security clearance!” The people responsible for vetting before awarding anyone security clearance told the media that “Donald tRump told them to speed the security clearance through for both Ivanka and Jared because they had nothing to hide and it was taking too long.”

If that isn’t helping then I don’t know what he thinks would be helping. Of course some of us would call it tampering with due process. When is a duck not a duck? Surely, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck we can argue that it is a duck. If tRump held meetings in Russia and America talking about Trump Towers Moscow isn’t that collusion with Russia? We don’t know what he discussed in those meetings he had, the meetings Donald Jr had with the Oligarchs, so we have to surmise they have not been made public because they contain damaging information against their legality.

If someone is innocent they ask for investigations to be conducted in order to clear their name, they do not call these investigations a witch hunt, or try to say others are guilty of what they are accused of. We are seeing someone who is becoming more worried and more unhinged every day with every new revelation into his private life. He is still refusing to release his tax returns so must have a lot to hide there. If the IRS are still auditing him 4 years after the start of the audit he must have a lot of hidden wealth coming to light. I don’t know if it is true, but I have heard most audits are completed within a month. Audits of criminals are the ones which take longer since they hide things offshore which have to be painstakingly discovered.

Going back to our own shores (I live in the UK, we are a small block of land in an ocean but we are not an island). Brexiteer, and supreme idiot, Boris Johnson, is now worried that Theresa May will remove no deal from the table and therefore force the UK to ask the EU to withdraw Article 50. Why will this worry him? Because it will mean that the UK remains within the EU so the will of 51.5% of those who voted (approximately 70% of those eligible to vote) will have been ignored. He was the one asking in 2016 that a vote of less than 55% in favour either way should be declared unbinding.

I think we should have tabled that referendum better and said that anyone not voting would be taken to agree with the status quo and remain. How can anyone believe that less than 50% of those eligible to vote should be given the right to decide for the (remaining) silent majority?

I wonder if anyone knows whether 741741 works in the UK to put vulnerable people in touch with a counsellor? If it doesn’t what is the UK’s equivalent number? I am asking because someone tweeted that number in response to a tweet against homophobia and LGBT+ youth. I have made no secret on here or in my personal life that I support everyone to be who they are, regardless. I would just like to know if someone who feels suicidal in the UK, can they contact, say the Samaritans, on a short dialling code from a UK mobile?

I have always felt that we are all unique, no one has the right to call people out as drug dealers, murderers or rapists just because of their country of origin, or has the right to call them non-conformists just because they don’t follow the “normal” white ideals. I think everyone has the same basic human rights and should be allowed to identify however they want to identify, love who they want without prejudice or fear. I may not identify as gay, lesbian (wrong sex anyway for that one), trans, cis, but I have loved men as well as women and see nothing wrong with that, as love is love. I may not have kissed many men but I have kissed a few. I may not have been to bed with many men (that’s because I prefer women as bed partners) but if we try to stop anyone from being themselves we lose more than we gain.

How many parents have remained proud of their sons when they have brought a man home and introduced him as their partner? Or daughters who have brought another woman home and declared that this is their partner? I think a few would want to keep this hushed up, I would remain deeply proud of my child no matter what. I will fight for everyone’s right to live life freely without prejudice, no matter whether that prejudice is against their religion, skin colour or who they love, how they identify or how they dress.

If it wasn’t for those, like me, who have stood up to those idiots who think it is ok to slag people off and call them less than human then we would still live in the dark ages. The world is a much brighter and healthier place when we embrace diversity and inclusion. There is no one who is more full of joy and beauty than someone in love. All love is valid, all love is beautiful, and everyone in love shines with a glow that refuses to be silenced. Remember as you go about your day, without someone to love and be loved in return the days are grey and meaningless.