To trust in one another right from the start

by davebarclay1954

Having watched Bohemian Rhapsody (on the flight to Dubai) I thought I’d go with some queen for this post. Music is copyrighted by Queen and EMI and video is presented courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but I’m sure you can find it on whatever video platform you have available in your area.

Having read so much regarding a people’s vote in the UK ahead of a no deal Brexit (both pro and con) everyone seems hell bent on destroying this country from the 1% who can sustain the losses by moving elsewhere, to those saying they are unwilling to have a second referendum because the people spoke in 2016.

The referendum result from 2016 should have been declared null and void because less than 75% of those eligible to vote actually bothered to vote. The result was less than 5% in favour of leave (the leave campaign wanted a second referendum called if they lost by less than 10% of those voting) because they won they went silent on their call for a second referendum (surprise surprise).

I have said it before and I will say it again, Europe doesn’t need us, we need Europe for job security, to ensure the rights of Brits living in Europe and the rights of Europeans living here. We cannot afford to leave without a deal but this Government are willing to run the clock down so that is all we have left. Just think for a minute whether a second referendum will change the vote for Brexit, and think what a no deal Brexit will do to our economy, living standards, jobs and world standing.

We leave without a deal and we are subjected to WTO rules for 4 years while we negotiate trade deals with every country on the planet. In the meantime everything in the shops is more expensive, jobs are harder to come by, pay drops because people take pay cuts to guarantee them work and the minimum wage becomes a thing of the past with average hourly rates dropping to around £2.50 per hour for the menial jobs (janitors, cleaners, waiting staff, etc) and those who are working for this pittance unable to meet rent payments or even live.

I know some will think that I am using scare tactics, just think what is already happening, financial institutions who used to have their European Headquarters in London have moved out to Paris, Berlin and Brussels. A lot of countries who have manufacturing plants in the UK have shifted new models to their home countries or elsewhere in Europe. They will continue to wind down their interests in the UK following a no deal Brexit. A lot of the 1% have announced their intention to leave these shores (taking their wealth with them) following a no deal Brexit. Think on the cumulative effect of this on our economy and then think whether a no deal is in our best interests.

If there is a second vote it has to be on the outcome of Brexit. There will not be a deal with Europe because they don’t want to give anything further to us in order to protect our rights. They don’t have to since we are leaving them not the other way round. This means that our only option will be to leave without any deal, unprotecting our citizens in the EU and offering no protection for EU citizens living here. I really don’t think those who voted to leave thought it through and the minority want to leave at any cost.

Would leaving without a deal preserve the United Kingdom? Think about this, Scotland voted by 60% to 40% in favour of Remain, and Northern Ireland voted the same way. Leaving without a deal causing Scotland to feel isolated and Northern Ireland more seriously ignored than ever before since the troubles began in the late 1960s. Do you think Scotland will lie down and not push for a second independence referendum? Of course they will push for it and this time it will succeed and then Northern Ireland will push for an independence referendum. Unlike Scotland, however, they will vote to leave the UK and join with Southern Ireland and re-integrate with the EU. Scotland, once independent will seek to rejoin the EU, accepting the Euro as their currency. What then for England and Wales? Wales seem to have rejected a no deal Brexit so would they then seek an independence referendum and, if passed, seek to rejoin the EU? That is seeming probable with every day that passes and a deal becoming less likely. Therefore there will be 3 of the UK nations leaving and asking to, or else rejoining, the EU.

England on her own will fail, so how long after accepting a no deal Brexit will the Government be able to survive before seeking to rejoin the EU? I don’t think it will be very long. Once the UK has been broken up into the constituent countries and 3 of the 4 applying for reentry or rejoining the EU, what would be left for the biggest country in the Union? Sink or Swim, and swim will mean asking to overturn the decision of Brexit. What will the EU do at that point? I think they will laugh in England’s face and put up conditions for reentry that all we currently have would be lost. Including the £, forcing England to join the Euro with fewer powers of veto than we currently enjoy.

The fault will lie at the foot of the Tory Government who think that 40% of the electorate give it a mandate for change. They don’t, we need to stop the madness now and a people’s vote to accept the deal offered by the EU, leave without a deal or withdraw A50 is needed where a no vote is taken as withdrawal of A50 to give a mandate for action. That way if fewer than 75% of those eligible to vote actually go out and vote we take the non voters/invalid votes as opting for remaining within the EU.