The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older

by davebarclay1954

Normal service has now been resumed and this post comes with a lyric title and a video to accompany it. The copyright is owned by EMI/Universal and Pink Floyd and the video is provided by YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but you can always do a search on your local video playback site.

One thing we find we have less and less of as we age is time. We have to decide what we do with the time we have and that is true at any age, however, older people will usually try to do more with their time as they know time is fleeting. It’s astounding how quickly the time disappears.

The only thing I know I have less of than some others while having more than some. I want to ensure that I continue to make a difference in whatever time I have left. That’s why I blog, and tweet, as often as I can without going overboard and posting every day when I don’t always have anything to say. Dear reader, you know that I strive to post twice a week, some weeks I blog more often and others less, because of the fact I only post when I have something to say.

At the moment there is a lot of proof coming to light about Russian involvement in the politics of the West. Does this surprise anyone at all any more? I think we are becoming immune because there is so much and so many people involved are under investigation. People like tRump in the USA and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. There can be no doubt that the Government in both countries is conspiring with Putin and Russia, the only question is what do these Governments have to gain from the collusion.

It’s obvious what Putin gets out of messing with our politics, he disrupts the Government and can end the trade embargo he currently has from both the EU and USA. The question remains though that removing these will benefit Russia but what will it benefit the Governments who push to remove this?

I know that tRump is a big denier of anything and everything but Global Warming is a thing and it needs to be addressed before 2025 if we are going to stand a chance to reverse it. The thing is that we are the first generation who have recognised the damage we have done to the planet. Our children have now woken up to the fact that they cannot rely on those in charge to do anything to save the planet. If we don’t do anything at all then the planet will be fighting a lot harder for survival. For those who believe that the planet will not fight to survive tell me what causes the unnatural weather we have currently been experiencing.

In conclusion I would like to point out that time is passing and we are running out of time to do anything about the state of the planet, denying it is a problem is adding to the problem not detracting from it.