Just nod if you can hear me (Part 2)

by davebarclay1954


I have been asked for the link to the World Wide city sightseeing link, here is the one for Dubai but the others can be found on city-sightseeing.com

The song which inspired the last post’s title was of course, Bob Dylan and the Band with Lay Lady, Lay. In case you missed the song here it is, copyright is not owned by me but by Sony Music, Bob Dylan and video is courtesy of YouTube. Hope you enjoy it, however, due to YouTube restrictions it may not play where you are.

While I’m here I think it may be an opportune moment to post my thoughts of today. Those of you regularly following my blog know that I only post when I have something to say, not one for keeping “normal” hours I keep vampire hours (in other words I don’t sleep for very long).

Of course I’m very upset at the Russian involvement in our and America’s political elections/referendums. It seems that there is a new revelation every day from the FBI and MI6 confirming that Russian bots are hi-jacking the social media airways to disrupt the West and leave us free to hackers from inside Russia. They are determined to bring us down as Putin blames us for the fall of the Soviet Union (USSR). Had he read his own Russian History, he would have seen that the rise and fall of communism in Russia was foretold by one Rasputin, he knew he was going to die a painful death so told the Tsarina that she had nothing to fear if the proletariat killed him, however, if he was killed by the ruling class then she and her family would be killed and the proletariat would rise and take power which they would keep for 70 years. 1917-1989 is 72 years but I think we should allow him some leeway since the Revolution took more than 12 months to finalise.

What can you say about the monk that hasn’t been said before? He was a hard man to kill as he was poisoned, shot, stabbed several times, thrown into the Volga and the cause of his death was… Drowning.

Anyway, enough of that and the second embedded video, copyright unknown but the basic track is Boney M. Rasputin.

If you have been following my life history you will no doubt be aware that I lost 1969 when my external hard drive crashed, I am currently working on a re-write and will publish as soon as it is finished. I think I may have some real problems at the moment however, I stopped looking for work prior to going to Dubai and applied for a tax rebate (I have since received this and it has been banked and cleared) however, I have been invited to apply for several positions with an immediate start and don’t think I can take one, should it be offered, before the beginning of April. If anyone is aware of UK tax law and can give me some advice on this please reply to this post and I will pick it up as soon as I can, thank you.

Time I think, for me to go and get ready since I am going out soon to see what I can find in order to boost my income further since I have already saved £90 per month from April 2019.