Stay while the night is still ahead

by davebarclay1954

No music attached to this post, but if you know the title of the song from the lyric in the title you can always listen to it on YouTube while reading this.

I have received a payment from Royal Mail to compensate me for them losing my tracked item (I was going to be paid £306 for this item) the cheque is for £50. Is this a piss take or what? The item was tracked and the tracking said it was delivered but the company claimed they never received it.

Following an investigation by Royal Mail they admit the fault was with them, hence the compensation, but £50 is a joke! They have had the same compensation figure for years and with inflation and a devaluing currency surely it should have been increased before now?

Anyhoo, that’s not going to get my phone delivered or found, I’m just so pleased that I blacklisted it when it went missing, whoever has it now has a brick. Of course that won’t stop them selling it on eBay so watch out for an iPhone 7, 128Gb, black in the Southampton area.

On a less fractious note, I have recently been asked to sign several petitions taking off across the Atlantic and have been more than happy to do so. We all know that the current occupant of the White House in Washington DC is a hate fuelled a$$ hole, who believes women exist for his pleasure and enjoy him grabbing their genitalia. Now he’s pledged to decriminalise homosexuality in every country. Of course when asked how he was intending to do this he denied all knowledge of it.

He would though because he’s the biggest homophobic a$$ hole on the planet. Have you noticed that he has still not made his tax returns public? I think that may be because he hasn’t paid any tax, ever, in his lifetime.

We have to ensure that we hold those accountable for using tax havens in order to avoid paying tax. If the billionaires paid tax, as they should be doing, then our economies wouldn’t be doing a nose dive. I don’t think we have to go back to the bad old days when the tax man took 95% of income above a certain amount (yes that’s what George meant by his opening line in Taxman). I don’t think 70% is unreasonable on earnings above £750,000 do you agree?

Just think what could be done with that additional income by a Labour Government. The NHS could be adequately funded for the first time since 1979, more police and firefighters employed to keep us safe, social housing programs not seen since the 1980s. Everyone would benefit, but we do need to remove the tax havens and get multinationals to pay tax where they generate their profits.