Couldn’t sleep a wink last night

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany this post is from Roxy Music, video may not play where you are, if you can’t view it then apologies. For the rest please enjoy the music while you read today’s meanderings of a troubled mind.

For those who live in America can you explain exactly what the State Of The Union address is supposed to be? I’m puzzled after listening to (part of) the latest SOTU. I thought it was supposed to be like our Queen’s speech on the opening of Parliament where the current Parliament lays out their challenges for the following period and gives details of how the Government hope to achieve these aims.

tRump didn’t set out anything he was going to achieve in the coming 12 months, what I saw was all about him and the Mueller investigation. He seems to have no idea how to run the country to make it better, only to use public funds to line his own pockets. Once it all comes to light he will be arrested and I just hope that he does serious hard time for all his crimes against the American people and the Free World he was supposed to be leading.

Am I wrong in seeing the manner of Nancy Pelosi’s applause following the SOTU? Did it really look like she wanted to cut his throat, or was that just me? Anyway, on a much more positive note I think tRump has finally found his wall, it’s called Nancy Pelosi.

That’s only part of the problems I have encountered this week. Twitter seems to delight in criticising @AOC who truly is a breath of fresh air in the House of Representatives. Instead of answering her critics she rises above their bile and gives them put downs any comedian would be proud of when heckled. She really is an amazing woman and I hope she has a long career in American politics without losing her gloss.

I feel that we need a public enquiry into the Leave Campaign ahead of the 2016 referendum because we were lied to by those who wanted to leave the EU at any cost. They also spent double the amount they were told they could spend on their campaign. Like tRump, the bulk of this money seems to have come from Russia.

If the referendum was hijacked by Russia then we deserve answers and a second referendum especially since 35% of those eligible to vote didn’t bother, the result was less than 5% in favour of Leave so that is not a mandate to leave at any cost. We deserve a say in our country, especially when jobs are going to be lost if we leave without a deal. The leaving would only be the thin edge of the wedge as well, Europe will penalise us for leaving the family, the rest of the world will not come to our aid immediately and those companies who have moved manufacturing to the UK to have a foothold in Europe will up and relocate. Nissan have already moved production back to Japan for models they promised were coming to Sunderland, how long before they close the plant completely after Brexit?

Northern Ireland will not accept a hard border between them and the Republic (as I’ve said before) removing the border will mean reunification with the Republic and, therefore, a re-entry into Europe. Scotland will follow suit and attempt to negotiate an entry into Europe for themselves, which they will probably get as that will prove to the Eurocrats that it was only England who didn’t want to be in with a Europe working for the good of all Europeans.

Anyway, this is definitely going to be my last post before I return from Dubai on 17/02/2019. Hope you enjoy next week and it’s not too cold where you are.