There’s a hidden door she leads you to

by davebarclay1954

Change of pace as this may well be my last post for a while, to celebrate 17 years married to the latest wife I’m off to Dubai at the weekend. Music for this post is from a much missed singer songwriter I remember from my misspent youth and the title track of the first album of his I owned. If it doesn’t play where you are then I am sorry, if it does play please enjoy.

I have seen a lot of things happen in my lifetime, the spread of sex workers into every area of modern life, human trafficking, terrorism, austerity (which seems to mean taking from the poor and giving to the rich) the rise of: racism (again), slavery (once more), hatred and violence everywhere.

In the 21st century I thought we would see an end to racism and slavery once and for all, yet it is all around us and is being brought to the forefront once again by POTUS45 and Theresa May. They are using fear tactics to promote racist hatred, fear of immigrants and terrorism to get their own way. They both lie and continue to lie in order to perpetuate the myths of their countries being under attack so that they can deport with impunity, murder (not personally but getting other countries governments to do it for them), using a foreign power to keep them in power and they expect to get away with it for years to come?

Times have changed since the 1930’s. The public are better educated (most of us), there is widespread use of social media and the internet makes getting messages out there a lot easier than it was back in Nazi Germany. Today both Governments in the UK and the USA are targeting blacks, how long before they start targeting Jews? May has kept up the attack on the poor to keep feeding the rich in an attempt to hold onto power. She knows when she calls a General Election she will have to hope the backlash against her splits the opposition vote as it did for Thatcher in the 1980’s otherwise we will see a Labour Government pledged to tax the rich, fairly adding to the countries coffers. Increasing spending on the NHS and re-Nationalisation of industries which should never have been privatised in the first place. This scares her because, if things go against her then, her party may never recover again. After the second World War, there were things put in place to ensure that never again would one nation ever try to destroy one race of human beings. In an attempt to eliminate European Wars a treaty was proposed to link Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. Churchill was invited to join with them in an effort to avoid conflicts such those which resulted in 2 World Wars in the early part of the 20th century. Churchill declined, saying “Why would we join up with 3 countries we have recently liberated from the other two?”

Very backward thinking on his part. We were lied to and cheated in 2016, this has now been recognised by the majority of the electorate and, May knows, a second referendum will end the misery of Brexit and call for the withdrawal of Article 50. That is the current will of the people. In 2016 35% of the electorate didn’t vote believing, wrongly, that the vote would fall in favour of Remain. the vote was lost by less than 5%. Because the margin was so small we deserve the chance to have the final say between a hard Brexit (with no deal) and remaining within the EU with a say and a Veto. We have seen a lot of jobs disappear already with the threat of worse to come once we have left the EU. That’s why the people have to be given the final say on whether we leave without a deal or withdraw Article 50 and Remain a member state with our own currency, laws and monarch.

I don’t believe that leaving and then rejoining is in anyone’s interests since we would be reduced to a small voice against a huge juggernaut which Europe is about to become. We would be forced to accept the Euro as our currency, would probably lose our right of Veto and be forced to increase our contributions to the pot, all the while having more unemployed mouths to feed. We have to stop the rot now before it becomes worse for us.

The Remain campaign fought within the law, spent what they were told they could spend and still came within 5% of Leave. Leave used more funds than they should have, lied and cheated to get what they wanted out of the referendum, and they still failed to deliver a deal which worked for the British people AND the EU.

OK, enough already, I will finish now and hope you all have a very happy New Year (since it’s the Year of the Pig).