I am not trying to be smart

by davebarclay1954

Music for this post is from the Beatles extras on the 2018 remixed album The Beatles, copyright is owned by Apple Corps and Universal Music while the video is shown on YouTube and they (may well) have the copyright for that.

This is not going to be a long post as I only have a little to say today. I have been watching programs about the past and talking to people about the state of the world today and it seems that most of the ills in this world come from the United Kingdom and the manner we behaved when we discovered, settled and tried to wipe out the natives who were already there.

I believe that the Europeans who settled in America, Africa and Australia caused more pain and suffering by their actions than was justified. We also transported the Natives all around the planet, uprooting children and adults alike, to work as slaves in order to settle the new lands they found. Was this right, no. Was it legal, yes. We should always remember that laws can be passed to make anything legal, including the death and destruction of natives, Jews, Immigrants, families and children.

Just because we have people in control who want to destroy lives and families by passing laws which will make their genocide legal doesn’t make it right. We have to make sure that haters don’t win because they may be picking on immigrants and refugees today, but if we do nothing then tomorrow they will come for us.

Germans turned a blind eye in the 1930’s when their neighbours started disappearing. That led to more people disappearing from the neighbourhoods and finally they came for everyone left. This is happening again at the behest of Russian puppets who stood for election and then were elected to the highest offices in those countries. Look around, tRump was elected in 2016 using illegal and illegitimate funds from Russia. Brexit was voted for after lies told and extra money came from Russia. Now the truth is known about how much worse off we will be most people want to stop Brexit, before it is too late. Those in the pay of Russia don’t want a second referendum because they will lose it. They want to see the country pulled apart and the destruction of the United Kingdom into 4 individual countries (with at least 2 of these reverting back into Europe as they voted overwhelmingly for Bremain).

If our elected politicians refuse to represent those who elected them we have a duty to vote them out at the next election. That is true not only in America, when they go to the polls for their next President next year, but also in the UK and Australia the next time we go to the polls to elect a Prime Minister.

In the USA, as here in the UK, there is not really much choice between candidates since there are really only two parties who can reasonably expect to win in any election for their PM or their President. Our choice is between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn (neither of whom is an ideal candidate) in the USA it’s between tRump and the Democratic candidate, whoever that turns out to be.

People need to be aware of what their votes are for (or against). The Tories (no matter who leads them) stand firmly rooted in the well off, cutting taxes for the rich while leaving the poor screaming in hunger at the injustices they are forced to suffer. Labour, on the other hand, were (and are again) in favour of taxing people according to their ability to pay, creating a fair society for everyone.

I know that mine is only voice but there are others who share my views, we have to get behind the person who can make the changes in our respective countries, who won’t hide their head in the sand when faced with tough decisions, will do what is best for their country without fear, will also make the hard decisions to do what is best for the planet today and tomorrow. Those are the people we have a duty to get behind and work with to give us a chance of a tomorrow.