They run and hide their heads

OK, music is from the Fabs again, having just watched the Donovan Leitch return to Rishikesh 50 years on. Copyright is owned by Universal Music, Apple Corps and the video can be found on YouTube. I really hope it plays ok where you are but apologies as always if it doesn’t.

I really had no intention of bothering anyone today writing was the last thing on my mind (another song springs to mind there). However, I thought I would let you know how boring it is with the US Government being closed. My laptop battery is no longer charging and I don’t know why. The power settings and battery troubleshooter are available online at, you guessed it, a US Government web site. Because of the shutdown I can’t access it however to find out if my battery needs replacing or if there is anything wrong with the power cord (it’s actually running of mains power as the battery is down to 8%.

Anyway, that’s my issue and grumble out of the way. Going back to the aforementioned documentary, Donovan went back to Rishikesh and was talking about his time at the Asheram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi where he and the Beatles (along with the Beach Boys, Mia Farrow and a few others) were learning Transcendental Meditation. They found peace there and the creative juices were let loose. Don helped John to write Julia and Dear Prudence, John and Paul helped Don to finish Hurdy Gurdy Man and a couple of other songs. George wrote a verse for Don’s Hurdy Gurdy Man which was never used on the record but found it’s way into concert performances.

This was a fascinating insight into the spiritual teachings the Fabs, Donovan and others came away from Rishikesh with. Don still practices meditation to this day with his lovely wife, Linda, who he married in 1970. She has been a constant in his life for the past 49 years.

I still haven’t got round to watching gimme some truth (the making of the Imagine album) so watch out for a review on here once I do get it watched. At the moment I am getting through the Vampire Diaries ahead of starting the Originals, I am also watching Midnight, Texas while it is on a break so I can catch up ready for it coming back.

I feel ready for bed so at this unreasonably early time of night (for me) I will bid you a fond adieu (another song springs to mind here) until the next time my dear reader.