Temperature’s rising, Fever is high

by davebarclay1954

Music for this post is from John Lennon, copyright is owned by Universal Music Group, video courtesy of John Lennon Live In NYC. If you can’t view it where you are, apologies, however, I can’t control what videos are allowed where that is down to YouTube.com.

Today, I thought I would write a little about life here in the UK under Mrs May. A woman as stubborn as Thatch, as quick witted as tRump, as dangerous as a tiger and as stupid as they come. Now that the truth is out there for everyone to see hardly anyone still wants to see Brexit become a reality, so what does she do? Following the news that the Tories are ahead of everyone else in one poll she has said no to another referendum.

She really wants to see the UK broken up, without a deal Brexit will mean a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, yet that is what she is now pushing forward, a no deal Brexit in just over 2 months time. What does she think the Irish will do when they have to go through check points every time they want to visit family living in the Republic or Northern Ireland? They will demand a referendum on leaving the UK, this will unite Ireland again into one Republic, they will then be back in Europe the same as East Germany did when Germany was reunited.

When the people realise that we should never have left they will be begging to rejoin the EU but we will lose our right to have the pound and will have to take the Euro as our new currency. The team pushing for Brexit ahead of the 2016 referendum cheated, just like the GOP did when tRump was elected as POTUS that year. There will be only losers because without a market for British produce (not that there is much of it anyway) the prices will rocket, businesses will fold, more people will be out of work and not paying enough to ensure there are benefits for those who need them because the Tories won’t tax the rich to get what is needed and then the Welfare System will be left to rot while the NHS is dismantled to sell off the profitable parts and those who can afford health care will get it while those who can’t can go to hell.

If you think I’m making this up then wait and see, I won’t live long without my meds anyway so you won’t get an I told you so from me in 2025 when all this comes to pass but I am telling you all now. Thatch wanted to see a return to Victorian values, where only the wealthy had food, health care and could afford to stay in hospital. Successive governments, both Tory and New Labour, were striving for the same things. The only alternative is Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, he wants to renationalise the railways, protect the NHS and tax the wealthy to support it all.

If we don’t see a traditional Labour Government elected in 2020 then by 2025 it will be too late as most of the Labour voters will have died out by then. I was a strong supporter of communism (for a small number of people it can work but for a nation, even one as small as ours it can’t). I feel that the country I lived in as a boy was so much better than the world today. We had dreams for the future and had the sense to work on them collectively. It was a Tory PM who kept us out of the EU (or Common Market) when the idea was first floated in the 1950’s. It was a Tory PM who took us into the EU in 1973 following a referendum. I feel it is wrong to close our minds to the winds of change blowing across the planet. We cannot survive alone, we are too small, we don’t manufacture anything any longer (at least not for ourselves) apart from foreign companies who came here to get a foothold in Europe, once we leave so will they.

We cannot go on without some help from our neighbours and they won’t be willing if we charge their citizens to stay here and contribute to our GDP. They will retaliate by kicking out British citizens living in the EU, we need them more than they need us so don’t go kidding yourselves that it will be business as usual for any except the 1%ers.

Still once we all go cold turkey without Europe, we will realise we should never have left in the first place, maybe then someone like Jeremy Corbyn can be elected as PM in order to renegotiate our entry back into the EU, which by then could well have become a United States of Europe (although it’s only the French and Italians at the moment who want to see that come about).

When will the US wake up and see that division and hatred (these two have always gone hand in hand) is no longer a solution but a problem. In the 20th Century there were strong countries who kept parts of their population under the heel of the jack boot. Today, with Social Media that is much harder to pull off. There is a growing respect for each other regardless of skin colour, who we choose to love and live with, gender or anything else. We are beginning to realise we have more in common than our differences show. There is only one race, that’s why I laugh at the idiots who will maintain that the Whites are the chosen few. Christians worship a God who is no colour, his Son was born in Northern Africa and they think he is white? He is much more likely to be black since Europeans had only recently invaded that continent and they came from Rome.

More and more people are seeing through the hypocrisy, the lies, the hatred, the deceit and we are also seeing an upsurge of people telling the liars, cheats and haters that enough is enough. We don’t need walls, we don’t want walls, we don’t want borders. Everyone should be free to live wherever the hell they want to. If I’m being persecuted where I’m living let me move and go to the UK or the USA. I am young, I will work, I will pay taxes (unlike tRump who hasn’t paid any taxes in decades).

Give me a chance to live with you and together we can make a difference. I don’t care what religion you follow, whether it is right or wrong isn’t my place to judge. I don’t care who you love, same sex, another sex makes no never mind. I don’t care what gender you are, if you feel you are in the wrong skin then why shouldn’t you be allowed to change it and be true to who you are? After all don’t we care about others? If we don’t then we don’t care about ourselves either. Haters will continue to hate but if we prosecute them every time they break the law then we will win. Education isn’t the right of the rich it’s the right of every man woman and child to be taught right from wrong, how to be a better person and how to respect others and their property.

Whether you agree with me or not, I would love to hear your feedback on this issue, I can only give you my opinions because that’s who I am, I am not perfect, I don’t know what the future will bring but I do know that together we are strong, separate we are weak. How can I change anything if I don’t at least try. I have to start somewhere and that all started in the 1970’s with me. I had to change myself in order to become a better citizen, I realized that alone I couldn’t do much so I joined social events with like minded people. Together we did change opinions, we became much stronger people when we acted as one. I still believe that today if enough people want to make a change they can get things moving in the right direction.