Appalling behaviour should never go unpunished.

by davebarclay1954

No music to accompany this post, I am writing to ask if anyone in the USA knows of a counsel who will take a pro bono case for sexual harassment causing a job loss.

Someone I have been talking to on twitter lost her job on Monday this week for refusing to sleep with her boss. This behaviour is totally unacceptable but because he is wealthy and has threatened to bury her under litigation for the rest of her life she feels powerless to fight this.

She has a young child, no savings and is currently looking for another job. Just because tRump thinks he can get away with misogynistic behaviours the rest of the 1% in the US think it’s open season on women. We need to show them it isn’t, that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated and should never have been tried – EVER.

If you get back to me, I can pass the messages on to my friend and I really hope we can end people treating women like objects because “they can get away with it” or “it’s been that way forever”. Here and now I want to start doing something to change attitudes and court sentences for those who treat women with disrespect.

Thank you for listening.