Many a man has gone astray

by davebarclay1954

Music for this cold and miserable January day is from John Holt, reminding us that summer is just around the corner. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but the song is called “The further you look, the less you see”. Hope you enjoy the summer sounds of Reggae from Jamaica.

Men will stray for many reasons, because it’s cold, it’s warm, it’s winter, it’s summer. There is no reason why men will go astray, one man will tell you one thing while another will say it’s something else completely. The reason will depend on the man and the season. Usually it’s because he’s an idiot who doesn’t appreciate what he has, or he isn’t getting what he needs at home. Is there any man who goes astray because he has everything he needs at home? I bet the answer is no. But that is his fault, no one else’s.

Any man who chooses to settle into a relationship, should realise it won’t all be easy from that day on. Any relationship will have it’s ups and downs, there will be times when you could strangle the life out of your significant other and he or she will feel the same way about you. The secret of any long term relationship is communication. When times are tough keep talking and working at staying together. If you don’t then your relationship won’t last since you will both be chasing different things and you will never find any common ground to build on.

I know, with 3 divorces and a fourth failing marriage I am a fine one to give relationship advice to anyone. However, I have found that you can’t always bail when things go wrong. You have to work together to find a solution or else it will all go wrong. If you are the one trying to fix a relationship and your significant other doesn’t care too try with you, then there is nothing on earth which will keep you together. For a relationship to last you both have to work on it. One can’t keep two going, unless you both have the same book open at the same page you won’t find common ground. What is the secret to a good relationship? Easy, give and take, if one party is always taking and the other always gives then there will be resentment and that bodes ill for any couple.

Ask anyone who has been married for a long time and they will tell you that they not only met their soul mate, the one who makes them feel whole but also someone who gives as much, if not more, than they give. Without give and take no relationship will work forever. You need that on both sides as one side will not give forever and the other side will not take forever before resentment starts to kick in.

I decided last Friday to have a tRump free day but as soon as I went on twitter I discovered that was impossible. Why didn’t I just stay away from twitter? There are people I only “see” on twitter and when I’m feeling myself beginning to sink into a deep dark place I need them to lift my spirits up. I was pleased to hear from them and even though there was a whole lot about the baby and his tantrum because he can’t get the money he needs allocated for his stupid wall which will take decades to build, will keep crumbling and falling down, he still won’t reopen the Government to pay the people working for the federal Government so they can keep living from pay check to pay check. ‘Nuff said about that because, apparently, the Senate can vote to reopen the Government, if he refuses to sign this into law they can vote again and do it without his signature. but the GOP won’t do that, makes me wonder why they are working with a child and giving in to his tantrums.

Anyhoo, we all have heard about the Saudi girl who fled in fear of her life to start afresh in Australia, she thought she would be safe there but the Australian Government didn’t say they would take her before she was about to be deported from Thailand back to Saudi Arabia so Justin Trudeau stepped in and flew her to Canada and safety. The Australians are claiming she snubbed them for Canada at the last minute. Forgetting that they were dragging their heels and she didn’t have time to wait, that’s why she went to Canada. I just wish other Governments weren’t playing politics with Russian influences and would have just told her she could come to them and be safe.

If there is one thing I have seen since 2016, which is worrying me more than anything else, it is that hatred for one another seems to be having its last fling. Racism is running rampant throughout the Western World, first the USA selected a misogynistic racist to the WH, then the UK voted to leave without understanding that the promises were unachievable because the cost of Brexit was going to be much higher than the cost of remaining within the EU. Britain used to have an Empire to help out before the 1960’s saw an end to that. We joined the EU in 1973 because we knew we couldn’t keep going it alone and we are too far away from the USA to be accepted as the 51st State, and they would have wanted us to remove our queen.

I am a firm believer that there is no race except the human race, we all belong to that race so there is never any excuse to hate another human being based on skin colour, religion, gender or sexual preference. We are all the same under the skin anyway. If you can’t see that you will never know peace. We have to start looking out for each other in order to survive and I trust the scientists who tell me that there is an event coming if we don’t act today to reduce our carbon footprint because the world is warming up and we can see the effects of this everywhere. There are floods, strong hurricane force winds, less ice at the poles, sea levels are rising and volcanoes erupting more and more frequently. It’s only a matter of time before the planet starts to destroy more in order to try and balance out the bad and restore balance to nature.

Why is that so hard to see for some among us? They would rather grab another dollar than admit their profit and greed have caused the problems faced by many today. Do we need them and their obscene wealth to stop us from working together to build a fairer society which will benefit everyone AND leave a planet to our children’s children’s children. If we keep going the way we are then either we will become a bigger threat to the planet which will treat us the same as the dinosaurs way back in prehistory, and we will become extinct the way they did.

If you don’t believe me then take a look around and tell me that there are no more disasters from Nature now than at any other time in history. I will take pleasure in calling you out because there are more now than ever before in recorded history. We have seen glaciers shrink, ice caps shrink, forcing polar animals to move further north and south and chase ever smaller food sources. We can’t keep taking without consequence, there are consequences to our actions and the planet is fighting back. We can either change our ways and survive with the planet we call home or we can keep destroying and be destroyed in our turn.