Happy New Year

by davebarclay1954

Well, it’s now the 5 January 2019 so I figure it’s about time for another post with music. Courtesy of YouTube and Sony Music here is the video to accompany today’s post. If it doesn’t play where you are then I am sorry, however, YouTube have different rules for different countries so you could always do a search for it and listen while reading.

I have a lot of hopes for this year, firstly to see bigots and racists of whatever nationality get their comeuppance when people realise that all their vitriol is designed to stir hatred and close their respective borders off to refugees even though their country signed up to accept refugees trying to escape oppression, war, victimisation and hatred where they were previously living. This was signed in 1951 in the wake of the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazi regime in Germany when Jews were being turned away from countries across the world.

I know that Israel was set up (again) to give the Jews a homeland but not to force them to live there. It was not done to allow them to commit some of the atrocities they suffered from Nazi Germany. We have moved on as a planet (at least I thought so) to prevent this happening again. Then Americans were firing gas canisters into Mexico, a separate country, to prevent refugees entering the USA where they thought they could be allowed to settle in safety.

The UK is no better with Javid, the Home Secretary, telling Europe and the world that our borders are closed to anyone fleeing oppression in the Middle East because, and this is important, a few of them are terrorists looking to come here and live among us before committing acts of terror. The thing is, the more we stop coming in now the more we alieniate those already here suffering from the hands of racists who only need the smallest excuse to convert from peace to war.

We should be trying to build bridges instead of walls, protecting citizens from war, poverty and hunger, we have the technology to make this world a much better place for everyone if the one per centers were less greedy and paid their way by sharing their profits as well as paying as little in taxes as they can get away with. We need to wake up to the so called patriots who are advocating nationalism. After all it isn’t even 100 years since the Nationalist Government was created in Germany (1933 so it is close but we’re not there yet). They think we have forgotten that Nazi was an abreviation for National Socialists and they also preached about a Master Race, they called it Aryan (that race of people has not existed for almost 1,000 years and they were never a Master Race anyway, just better at stealing, killing and warfare than their neighbours.

In the 21st Century we should have realised that there is only one race, the Human Race, and we are all in this together. Global Warming is not made up by the scientists but it is real and the planet is fighting back. That’s why we have severe storms where they never reached before. We have floods in places that used to be protected and coastlines are seeing hundreds of years of erosion in one season. The scientists have been warning of the dangers of the shifting ozone layer and global warming for decades. We are, probably, the last generation who can do something about it for the sake of our children, their children and the generations to come after them.

I feel that the planet can sustain life if we all work together, after all we are all members of the Human Race and the solution lies with everyone feeling this fact and acting on it to end war, borders, racists and other haters who seek to divide us and conquer. We have to all work together to make others feel accepted, to make them feel safe and to protect everyone who needs to feel protected. Human beings are a loving species and we should help to spread this love we feel for our planet, for not only our species but for all species left on this planet.

I am not in favour of taking to the streets and beating up those who oppose us, that has been done before and the only benefactors of this are the haters. We need to end the violence and peacefully is the only way to do this. Mahatma Gandhi spoke of this in India and he was the prime example of non-violent action to change the status quo in India. His legacy was to leave behind a strong country, which has fragmented but if we end borders then what is there to fragment?

Land should not belong to anyone apart from the people living on it or making a living from it. Slavery, we realised in the 19th Century, was wrong and should be outlawed. Unfortunately, we didn’t go quite far enough and the civil war in the USA which was fought to end or promote slavery ended with slavery being abolished in name only, segregation was still keeping human beings alienated because of the colour of their skin and this is now illegal in almost every country, however, people like tRump who won high positions through feeding this hatred and living off it, want to continue the division. That is the only way they can hold onto their power.

Hatred and division is never the answer. We should accept others for being different, no matter their differences as we are all unique. Love is all we need and we should remember that no matter the skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or sexual preferences, we are all brothers and sisters on this planet.

Mars, may be suitable for life but why should the rich enjoy destroying that planet when they have made their fortunes destroying this one. We have to work together to save one another from the hatred and division used by the one per centers to hold onto their lives and wealth no matter what it costs in terms of this planet and the people living on it.