Ev’rybody’s talking ’bout…

by davebarclay1954

Their favourite tv shows, well that’s not what this post’s title song is talking about. Copyright is owned by Apple Corps, Universal Music and YouTube and is presented here for your enjoyment, apologies if it doesn’t work in whichever country you are in because it is still the biggest anthem to diversity and love that has ever been put out by a musician.

I was saddened by the news on Christmas Day that another child has died while in the care of ICE for trying to escape violence. That is two children’s deaths too many for me and many others. There is also a video doing the rounds of a man who was shouting at a woman for talking in Arabic to her friend. There were staff at Macy’s and other shoppers who came to the rescue of the ladies and shouted the racist down and got him to leave them alone. His passing shot was to call them all liberal Democrats.

I’m not a Democrat, I don’t live in the USA, but if this is what the GOP stands for (racism, bigotry and complete small mindedness) then I’m just so pleased that I am not an American. There is a story that was doing the rounds a few decades ago, that when the Beatles played the USA they specified their audiences could not be segregated or they wouldn’t play. This integration led to a strong civil rights movement, and white kids stood shoulder to shoulder with black kids outside the theatres as well.

We need to see that kind of mentality back in the USA, people are people and should be respected for being unique. Inclusion and diversity is everyone’s right as a human being. If I don’t speak your language so what? If you don’t speak mine, so what? We have to break down barriers, don’t try to raise new ones higher than those already there. We should be welcoming everyone because by doing so we make our humanity stronger. Stronger humanity leads to stronger bonds between people. It will also mean an end to war. I know a lot of people will consider me an old hippy and they’re right. I was proud to be a hippy in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and I’m still proud of my hippy beliefs today.

Showing others how welcome they are, how loved they are, and how special they are doesn’t take anything away from us – it adds something to us. Human rights are for everyone, they are the rights we all believe are necessary for us to exist in peace. It’s not pie, people, so showing someone respect for their lives isn’t taking anything away from us. Showing others that you care what happens to them doesn’t make you less human, it shows how strong your humanity is. Anyone trying to take away the dignity someone has, shows how threatened and weak they are.

Of course the biggest threat of all is the hatred and division being spread by the hate monger who is head of the greatest Western Nation of them all. He has no decency, no humanity and he knows that if all those who hate him for his lack of empathy were to get together and vote for his Democrat rival in 2020 he would stand no chance of getting a second term. That’s why he is already threatening to cancel the 2020 elections, with his support at 44% he doesn’t have a majority who will allow him to get away with anything. He has committed so many crimes and lied about them all as well as blaming the Democrats (and Hillary as well as Barrack) for doing the things he has done he no longer knows where the lies stop and, truth be told, he is frightened of being found out. That is why he is doing everything he can to stop the Mueller investigation into his involvement with Russia and Putin.

The man has no feelings for anyone except himself, he used division to get into the White House, he will use division to further his own agenda as long as he can. He is still at the Helm of his business empire and using Government money to make himself richer, as well as his billionaire friends. He is a much bigger crook than Richard Nixon ever was, like Nixon he has to be stopped but cannot be allowed to choose his replacement, that has to be handed over to the American People to do so there is no danger of him getting away with his crimes without spending time in jail.

I really hate myself for this post but the truth is out there if you want to look at it, he has contracted himself so often even the blind know he lies every time he tweets and opens his mouth. I only hope that he is no longer president when I next travel to the USA.