Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about

by davebarclay1954

As promised here is the video for the title of my last post. Copyright is owned by Universal Music, Apple Corps and the video is provided courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t work where you are.

As mentioned in passing in my last post, there is now talk of treason in the American courts, documents have been passed to the Mueller enquiry into Russian involvement in the 2016 election of tRump. I think that, following the discovery that his foundation was using funds illegally and has been closed down, if I were POTUS45 I’d be looking to leave the country permanently now and go somewhere without extradition to the USA.

Sitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun, wondering why our PM is so adamant she will ask Parliament to accept her deal or reject it without going back to the country who elected her to get the best deal possible for the common man in this once great nation. She has probably signed her own death warrant and I hope we can get a Government for the people who will put the question back into the hands of the electorate to decide whether we accept the proposed deal which will cripple this country, leave the EU with no deal which will cripple this country, or Remain in the EU and withdraw Article 50 which is the only sensible option left.

Theresa May wants Brexit at any cost and that makes me wonder what has happened to change her mind since she was promoting that we remain within the EU during the referendum campaign. Has someone offered her a lot of money for her about face? In the words of another female in a position of power “The lady is not for turning.” so if she was prepared to ruin this country in order to promote her own self interests and agenda why hasn’t Theresa May followed her example?

Can we please have some sense restored in politics for all our sakes? America has a crook for an unPresident, we have a PM in the pockets of the 1% who own the most. We need to let these people know that we have had enough of lying, cheating and crooked politicians in a position of power and we need to get back to honest politics for the benefit of an entire nation. On the discussion of honest politicians, it seems that only Canada out of the quad (USA, UK, AUS and CAN) that has elected a PM who will do what is necessary for the benefit of everyone.

Australia seem to be going through the same mire that the USA is beginning to disentangle and the hatred that tRump has spread over the last 3 years is almost at an end. We are all human, I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it until everyone wakes up to this. The human rights agreed by the UN doesn’t apply to some individuals but not others. We are all human and we all have the same rights as everyone else. Anyone who tries to remove these rights from some, removes them from all of us. It’s not pie to be shared out, it is the basic rights we all have to be treated equally.

When I see someone escape jail for rape because it would harm his future career to do jail time, I see a rich white man getting away with a crime to commit it again and again. Next time he will be more careful and use a condom to avoid leaving DNA to catch him. Meanwhile, a black teen, who was underage, used her rapists gun to kill him while he was in the process of raping her. He will now not be able to rape any other child, her reward for removing someone so despicable from this world and protecting herself? Life in jail, she’s black and poor so this sends a message to the rest of America that white folks with the means can get away with any crime but anyone acting in self defence to protect herself and others will be punished to the maximum effect of the law.

Here’s the other side of the racist coin which DJT is very proud to leave as his legacy, along with a bankrupt USA, hatred and increased domestic terrorism by the alt-right he promotes. Do we really need this message to be sent to the poor and disaffected youth of any nation in the 21st century? I say not, I say we accept people are the same regardless of wealth and influence, in fact people with wealth and influence should be punished harder because they have that wealth at the expense of those they have trodden roughshod over for generations. Poverty is not a crime, poverty does not make us criminals. Injustice makes us criminals, and we need to redress the balance and treat everyone the same, anyone found guilty of a crime of abuse should receive a heavy jail sentence. No one is above the law and no one deserves to get out of jail time just because they are friends with the judge, or anyone else in power.

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