Boy you been a naughty girl

by davebarclay1954

It’s been a while since I last posted, sorry for that. I read the news today that the T word was used in an American Court yesterday. One of tRump’s advisors has been told, contrary to the deal he struck with the FBI he will be doing hard time. This can’t bode well for the most egotistical unPresident the USA has ever had forced on them.

So where does that leave the rest of us who don’t live in the USA? Here in the UK, at long last, there’s a motion of No Confidence tabled. We can’t trust our Government to do what needs to be done for the country so the leader of the Opposition has decided it’s time to act in the nation’s interests. About time, we need to be asked, now that the cost of Brexit is known, what we want to do. The agreement favours the Eurocrats to the detriment of the UK, a no deal Brexit will cripple our economy, we need to have a say in withdrawing A50 and Remaining inside the EU with a voice over their actions.

I don’t accept that it’s too late to change our minds, after all the American people have suffered 2 years of tRump and we have undergone a vicious and hateful campaign at the hands of a nonGovernment who can’t agree on anything.

Music for this post will be included on the next one, apologies for that.